Mercedes-Benz Maybach Night; New German horror gem

03 June 1402 at 22:16

Mercedes-Benz Maybach Night Edition – Mercedes Maybach Night gives you German jewels with a more attractive and scary look. Next, we will go with Maybach’s Mercedes-Benz S-Class, GLS and EQS.

It was almost at the beginning of June of last year that we got to know the first Maybach off-road car and we thought that this German gemologist had lost his way and like many tuning works in the world who only care about the car’s strangeness, trapped But with the introduction of the Maybach Haute Voiture, the German tuner proved again that the off-road project was just a small break and still sticks to its principles. Now, in its latest masterpiece, Maybach has targeted electric cars, SUVs and Benz sedans.

Mercedes-Benz Maybach Night Edition

Mercedes-Benz Maybach Knight

At the very beginning, we must say that the new Maybach tuning is only available on the EQS, GLS, and S class electric SUVs, and the rest of the Benz products are not fortunate enough to have it. The main difference between Mercedes-Benz Maybach Night and other previous products can be summed up in black chrome decorations, new elements with rose gold color and unique changes inside the cabin, which were not present in any Maybach before. You can also choose Nappa leather with black-pearl or white-black color for the cabin.

Also, this design and black decorations have penetrated to the interior of the lights and exhausts and even tried to add a bright color to the hood to make the appearance of these cars look bigger and more impressive than before.

The design of the rims is right on the edge of the razor and may remind you of the term that not all rich people have good taste. This design is combined with 20-inch aluminum rims with black color and no Maybach coating, it is just a normal 5-spoke rim. Of course, if someone is looking for something special, they should go for giant rims with Size 23 inches to go

Customers who stand in line to buy Mercedes-Benz Maybach Night can choose black-silver, all-black or white color, and gray color can only be ordered for Maybach S-Class Night Edition.

Inside the Mercedes-Benz Maybach Night cabin, we have a combination of wood, leather and aluminum decorations, and the lighting system is specially designed for the Night Edition series.

The technical specifications of Mercedes-Benz Maybach Night are no different from regular models, and under this attractive skin, you can still find the S Class, EQS electric SUV and GLS SUV. Sales of Mercedes-Benz Maybach Night Edition will start from the beginning of next year, and they will have a higher figure than previous Maybachs.

The limited edition gold switch and glasses are Maybach’s gift to buyers

Also, a part of the switch of Mercedes-Benz Maybach Night is made of gold, and in addition to this, Maybach company also gives a pair of limited edition shoes, glasses and bag to the buyers.

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