MVM Arizo 5 New Sport was introduced with a demanding gearbox and a new face + technical specifications and price

May 30, 1402 at 21:30

MVM Arrizo 5 New Sport – MVM Arrizo 5 New Sport is a compact sedan car, which we will follow with its technical specifications, official price and options.

It was around the end of last year that we got to know the MVM Arezzo 5 New Sport for the first time, and now it’s time to see this young-friendly sedan on the country’s streets. In the following, we will talk about the differences in the appearance of this version with the previous generations, and then we will get to the technical specifications, options and price of the new MVM Arizo 5S.

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Technical specifications and options and features of MVM Arizo 5 New Sport

Chery Arezzo 5 S new model

Arezzo 5 sedan is now present in Iran with four different generations. The Arezzo 5 New Sport sedan car, which is considered the fourth generation, is no different from the third generation in terms of driving forces, and only its gearbox and options have been updated. Under the hood of this car, there is a 1.5-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that sends 147 horsepower and 210 Nm of torque to the front wheels.

Arizo 5S gearbox is among the top 10 gearboxes in the world

This car from New generation automatic CVT gearbox It uses 9 artificial gears and is equipped with Eco and Sport modes. Also, it is not bad to know that according to Chery, the MVM Arizo 5 New Sport gearbox, i.e. the CVT 25 automatic gearbox, is among the top 10 gearboxes in the world.

Options and features

Safety equipment and options and amenities in MVM Arizo 5 New Sport may be the trump card and the main difference between this version and the previous generations and include the following:

  • Cruise control
  • Stability control system
  • McPherson suspension system on the front axle and torsion beam on the rear axle
  • Full LED lights on the front with remote control
  • Adjusting the height of the lights from the cabin
  • Start key
  • CVT 25 automatic transmission with 9 synthetic gears
  • Two driving modes including Eco and Sport
  • Electric steering wheel with multi-function steering wheel and D-cut
  • Autolight and Daylight
  • 6 airbags in the full option version and 4 airbags in the standard version
  • Electric sunroof
  • Electric parking brake and Autohold
  • Uphill motion control assistant
  • Tire pressure sensor
  • 17-inch 5-spoke aluminum wheels
  • Digital hybrid cluster with 3-inch LCD
  • Touch multimedia with dimensions of 8 inches
  • Reverse gear sensor and parking camera
  • Hybrid ventilation system
  • Electric driver’s seat with 6-point adjustment and heater
  • New ergonomics of the seats
  • Usual lighter and USB charger
  • New interior trim with various colors and artificial leather
  • Full disc brake system with colored calipers (optional)

Differences in appearance and cabin of Arezzo 5S

Although the platform of this generation is the same as the previous generations, the new MVM Arizo 5S has changed a lot in terms of face and especially the cabin. At the front, we have the new, chromed windshield, which is decorated with vertical pillars and the S (for sport) badge. Also, the lip or under the front bumper is a little different from the previous generations.

In the side view, 17-inch aluminum rims with 5-spoke design and red calipers are seen, and when we get to the rear view, we are faced with a new diffuser and new chrome works.

The dimensions and size of Arizo 5 New Sport are no different from the previous generations and include 4532 mm in length, 1814 mm in width and 1487 mm in height, and the wheelbase factor reaches 2650 mm. The weight of the Chery Arizzo 5S remains almost intact and is still approximately 1.5 tons.
The cabin has undergone new changes and now we have a different dashboard with piano trim in all its parts.

The price of the new MVM Arizo 5 S

This car is specially produced and designed for the Middle East market and its price in other countries is approx 10 thousand dollars And a little higher. The price of the new MVM Arizo 5 S in the Iranian market, from 1 billion and 200 million Toman will start, which seems a good number for a Chinese sedan that has passed its test in our country. Selling MVM Arizo 5 New Sport through Integrated car system It will take place and soon it will go to the streets of Iran.

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