NASA broke the speed record for data transmission between Earth and space

27 May 1402 at 20:46

Due to the distant aliens, spacecrafts and probes must transmit information to the earth at a high speed. Now NASA has broken the record for the speed of information transfer between Earth and space with a stunning number.

These days, car radios and smartphones use radio waves to communicate. It is interesting to know that NASA also relies on the same technology to transmit data to its orbiting spacecraft and from them to Earth. Although this technology meets the needs of people on the planet, it does not match the ambitions of NASA.

Laser communication technology broke the record for the speed of information transmission between space and earth

They plan to travel to the Moon and Mars in the Artemis series of missions and even explore deep space if possible. Certainly, the current speed of data transfer will not be enough for such missions. Especially when your measure of distance changes from kilometers to light years. This has caused NASA to introduce laser-based data transmission technology as an alternative.

Record speed of information transfer between earth and space

The difference between this technology and radio waves will be the same as the difference between dial-up internet and high-speed internet. Previously, NASA was able to record an extraordinary record of 100 gigabits per second, and now, thanks to the Terabyte Infrared Delivery System (TBIRD), it has doubled the previous record of data transfer between space and earth to 200 gigabits per second.

This great achievement has also been achieved by sending a small satellite in the dimensions of a tissue box. A satellite launched in 2022 to test the technology of invisible lasers to transmit and achieve an extraordinary record of 200 Gbps. This is the highest speed that mankind has been able to achieve using optical communication technology. NASA has no doubt that this technology will revolutionize the way we communicate in space.

In a recent test, TBIRD aimed its laser precisely at a ground receiving station in California and transmitted data. In laser communication systems, the message is encoded in an optical signal to reach the receiving device through invisible infrared rays. This technology has the capacity to once again break the record for the speed of information transmission between space and the earth, and can even send more data to the earth at each time than radio waves.

Previously, the power of advanced space equipment was limited by the speed of data transmission, and scientists sometimes had to wait for months to receive the latest transmitted data. However, with the news we hear, the future of space exploration looks brighter than the past every day.

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