Netbina telescope artificial intelligence available for businesses

31 May 1402 at 18:53

The digital era and the spread of social networks have caused the formation of new media with a new nature. Every day, a lot of content is produced in different social networks, each of which can be important and vital for businesses and brands. With the help of various social networks, every user can easily record and share their opinions and thoughts on any platform. In this situation, monitoring and managing this massive data can become a tough challenge for businesses and brands.

It was to solve this challenge that the Netbina advertising agency launched the “Netbina Telescope” service. By monitoring cyberspace and web and providing in-depth and efficient analysis, NetBina Telescope enables smarter decision-making about digital marketing strategy and brand PR.

Telescope viewer It is equipped with an artificial intelligence engine with the ability to accurately analyze the thoughts and feelings of users, and it allows brands to manage the brand at the moment by monitoring the content of the web and social platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Telegram and Aparat. In the current situation with massive amounts of digital data, an efficient analysis from the audience’s point of view can lead to more effective choices for brands.

Monitor cyberspace, moment by moment

In a situation where social networks host more cyberspace users than ever before, sensitivities to the content produced in these networks have also increased, and now other successful brands and businesses are well aware of the importance of this data. Monitoring online conversations on the web and social networks can help brands to be aware of the audience’s concerns and react quickly, accurately and purposefully to market events.

Netbina telescope serviceBy analyzing the opinions of the audience in the online world and recognizing their feelings and thoughts, it helps brands to control the management of the media space around them more completely than ever and to advance their marketing and advertising plans and strategies. With Telescope viewerThe brand’s digital footprint and its effectiveness can be seen, and with an in-depth analysis, the future of the brand can be determined more carefully and a media crisis can be prevented.

Analysis of social networks with a marketing approach

Netbina advertising agency, as a brand with a long history in digital advertising and social network services, tools Telescope viewer designed with an approach consistent with marketing principles. Netbina Telescope instead of collecting raw data, Deep analysis and insight It enables brands to discover the most important issues related to the brand, market and competitors and make effective decisions for the brand.

Telescope viewer It is a simple and professional tool that starts building the project in a few minutes. Netbina Telescope takes care of the rest and goes according to the needs of each brand. With this tool, brand and marketing managers can find out about the status of their brand on the web and social platforms and always be aware of the latest changes and developments in the target market.

Telescope viewer

Easy, fast and deep monitoring

With the help of the smooth and easy user interface of the Netbina Telescope panel, more precise keywords, data analysis and report preparation are easy and fast. In a short time, users have access to reports and statistics prepared with the advanced Persian artificial intelligence engine of Netbina Telescope. NetBina’s natural language processing (NLP) machine using artificial intelligence and machine learning. The most powerful and accurate sentiment analysis (sentiment) Persian language available in the market provides brands. Based on this and with a detailed analysis, all contents are categorized and displayed in the form of three positive, negative or neutral states. This smart engine monitors all selected keywords and topics and reports in real time. Thanks to Netbina Telescope’s real-time analysis capability, no important event will be missed.

Thematic cloud AI (Artificial intelligence)is another one of the most important features of this platform. With Use intelligence artificial Netbina telescope service, Show the most important topics related to the brand that have been talked about.

Netbina Telescope panel, with analysis of social networks and the web, a view of The most important indicators at a glance offers, but there is always the possibility of gaining deeper insight into determining a social media marketing strategy by being more specific. Data on this platform can be personalized based on topic, keyword, sentiment and more.

Netbina Telescope’s analysis panel is designed in such a way that by monitoring the virtual space, it provides the most key decision-making criteria to brands so that they can improve their communication with the target market and optimize costs by investing in the right sectors. By providing a quick and timely analysis of the most important indicators, the Netbina Telescope dashboard helps marketing managers and brands to adopt the most correct and best possible measures in all situations and situations.

With the high volume of digital media activities and data generated at the level of websites and social networks, it is necessary for brands to make more agile and intelligent decisions. In a sensitive era where the need to know the latest developments and reactions related to brands is felt more than ever, brand business intelligence is the solution for brands and businesses to chart the best path for the future of their corporate brand.

For more information about the services and features of the Netbina Telescope service, please visit the website www.telescope.netbina.com See.

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