New accusation against Telegram: Unauthorized use of camera and microphone

May 30, 1402 at 10:12

In his latest finding, the Google software engineer pointed the finger of blame at Telegram and accused the popular messengers of Iranians of unauthorized use of cameras and microphones. But what is the reality?

It was just a few days ago that the news of an Iranian engineer using the phone’s microphone without WhatsApp’s permission went viral, and now it seems that this virus has spread to Telegram as well. Of course, WhatsApp officially announced that this security problem occurred due to the presence of a bug in the Google Pixel series phones; But what is the story of Telegram? Are we facing a simple bug here? Telegram is spying on people?

Telegram and unauthorized access to users’ microphones and cameras

MacOS telegram bug

The story of a simple tweet by a network security expert, the user Matt Johansen It started in the Twitter space and then Telegram official account He came to the square to answer. The story is that the Google engineer is Mr Dan Revah Claims that Telegram’s new bug , activates the user’s camera and microphone without his permission. Also, Matt Johnson believes that hackers can secretly record the image or voice of Telegram users and save them in hidden folders in Mac OS. It is said that this problem is probably due to Telegram not using Apple Hardened Runtime. But the new Telegram bug that directly targets the user’s camera and microphone has been seen on which devices?

Which devices have the new Telegram security flaw?

Telegram’s new security bug is currently limited to users from MacOS operating system and Android, iOS or Windows users are completely safe. Of course, we suggest that if you use unofficial versions of Telegram or if you download these messengers from somewhere other than the App Store or Google Play Store, you should immediately get started and take the necessary measures; In the first step, delete the unofficial version and download it only from App Store or Google Play Store.

Telegram answer in response to the news of unauthorized use of the camera

Telegram wrote against the charge of unauthorized access to users’ cameras and microphones:

This happens when you have downloaded and installed unauthorized and malicious Mac programs. We also recommend you to download and install Telegram from the official App Store and do not go to third-party markets.

If you also had such an experience and felt that the program Telegram, records your sound and image without permission, be sure to share this issue with Gadget News. Also, at the end, we should mention that this issue does not affect the various features of Telegram in any way, and this messenger is by far one of the the best is in its own market.

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