Pentagon’s latest update on UFOs; Finally found a proof or not?

May 25, 1402 at 11:12

The Pentagon has presented the results of its latest evaluation of the evidence and evidence presented in relation to the UFO or unidentified flying object. Are aliens assessing the earth?

Many UFO enthusiasts consider UFO sightings to be a sign of their existence. According to them, the spaceships contain the representatives of highly advanced civilizations and sometimes they go to different regions of the earth and take people with them to another world. To prove this issue, many pictures and stories related to unidentified spaceships have been published. The ships that are known as UFOs and apparently violate the laws of physics.

Pentagon report on UFOs disappoints alien enthusiastsPentagon UFO

The unprecedented increase in rumors and numerous reports by American citizens made the Pentagon sensitive and enter the UFO discussion. Some American politicians also emphasized this issue and said that the nature of these unknown birds should be determined as soon as possible. Of course, unlike ordinary people, they did not consider UFOs to be related to aliens, but they were worried that they were spying tools of competing countries such as Russia and China. According to them, if foreign birds are able to pass through the American defense systems, the situation is very dangerous.

For this reason, the head of the Pentagon’s UFO investigation department appeared in the US Congress this week and gave an explanation. The Pentagon is currently investigating more than 650 reported UFO sightings; But so far, he has not been able to find any evidence of extraterrestrial activities or breaking the laws of physics.

Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick emphasized in his explanation that they are reviewing the reports provided by US military personnel and not just any trivial report. Two videos aired in a plenary session of Congress were also scrutinized to determine how the Pentagon’s UFO office was able to explain some sightings and not others.

He continued to emphasize that only a very small percentage of UFO reports can be classified as unidentified birds. In fact, most of them have the characteristics of balloons, drones or natural phenomena, or there are scientific explanations for them. Naturally, some cases remain unclear.

For example, there is a video on the Pentagon website about 2022 in the Middle East. In this video, taken by an MQ-9 drone, a ball-like object flies over a military base. This object is still under investigation and its nature is unknown. The second Pentagon video related to UFOs was related to South Asia and early 2023.

In this video, an MQ-9 drone is filming another MQ-9 drone with infrared light, when suddenly an unknown object passes in front of them. In this case, the review of other related videos and information provided by other organizations showed that we are dealing with a commercial aircraft. Kirkpatrick also said that reports have increased since the Pentagon began investigating UFOs; Because at the beginning of the year, we saw 510 reports by military personnel, but now this number has reached 650.

Also, most of the reports presented have a specific procedure. For example, most of them have been observed at an altitude of 15,000 to 25,000 feet, which is the exclusive space for military aircraft. The head of the Pentagon’s UFO office believes that the unidentified objects are new achievements of America’s enemies and have nothing to do with aliens.

Of course, the problem is that in many cases there is not enough data to provide a scientific and defensible conclusion. This has also caused the Pentagon to not consider many cases to be conclusive. Kirkpatrick also provided Congress with statistics regarding the reports submitted to them. 52% of the reports include specific objects that are round or spherical. Also, the dimensions of most of them are in the range of 1 to 4 meters and they are described as white, silver or transparent. Their speed also varies from constant to twice the speed of sound.

With all this, none of the observed cases can be considered related to aliens. Kirkpatrick repeatedly emphasized in his report to Congress that there is no talk of extraterrestrial technology or birds that challenge the known laws of physics. The head of the Pentagon’s UFO office also pledged that if he receives enough evidence that links a UFO to extraterrestrials, he will immediately share it with NASA so that the heads of the US government can make a decision about it.

Naturally, the Pentagon’s new report on UFOs was not to the liking of some people, and they condemned Kirkpatrick for trivializing the documents and evidence presented. However, another group of UFO scientists supported the Pentagon’s decision to release the documentary information. Especially since for the first time the American government has officially provided an explanation about the reports received between 1996 and 2023.

Most importantly, the UFO’s shape, altitude, radar, radio and temperature characteristics are also mentioned in the report. Although the collected reports all relate to US military personnel, they are consistent with the reports provided by ordinary people.

What do you think about the Pentagon’s UFO report? Has the Pentagon adopted a purely scientific and methodical approach or is it trying to hide something?

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