Pre-sale conditions of Saipa Shahin in the integrated system – June 1402

01 June 1402 at 21:21

Saipa Shahin pre-sale conditions were announced in the integrated system. Saipa will release the Shahin car in the form of pre-sale in June 1402.

Saipa Automobile Group announced by publishing a notice that those applicants who changed their orders from other car manufacturers to Saipa Group products in the integrated car supply system in May 1402, and their car delivery requests were also approved in the winter plan of 1402, can participate in this plan.

In this regard, the applicants who received the SMS from the Saipa group system can go to the online sales site and complete the registration process. In the following, you can see the sales details of Saipa Shahin:

Pre-sale conditions of Saipa Shahin in Khordad 1402

Saipa Shahin pre-sale conditions

In this plan, Shaheen cars will be offered to customers with a prepayment amount of 212 million and 583 thousand tomans with a delivery date of October to December 1402. The price of the car will be the same as the price of the car at the time of delivery specified in the customer contract.

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