Samsung also enters the electric car market; Xiaomi’s new electric car competitor?

May 28, 1402 at 11:14

With the development of new and revolutionary solid state battery technology, Samsung plans to enter the electric car market and challenge car manufacturers.

Samsung’s battery division, like many companies in this field, is tirelessly working on new solid-state battery technology. According to knowledgeable sources, this company has recently made significant progress in this field.

Xiaomi has also been developing solid-state battery technology for some time and has confirmed developments to implement this technology. But in the meantime, probably the most promising manufacturer is the American company QuantumScape, which has already started working with selected car manufacturers and is testing its prototypes for the final release.

Samsung has been working on an oxide-based solid-state battery prototype for more than a decade, and it seems the effort has finally paid off. The interesting thing is that two separate divisions that are a subsidiary of this Korean giant will try to incorporate new technology into different products.

Samsung electric cars

In this regard, the electromechanical department of Samsung is trying to offer this type of batteries suitable for smart devices and mobile phones. On the other hand, Samsung’s SDI unit will also focus on developing a solid-state battery with sulfide electrolytes for EVs. This event can be a prelude to Samsung’s entry into the electric car market.

Solid-state batteries improve energy density and allow larger capacities to fit into a fixed volume. This technology is also beneficial for long-term battery life. Thus, they are expected to mark a new era in the development of smart phones and electric cars.

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