Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S23 Tactical Edition with military purposes

27 May 1402 at 15:48

Galaxy S23 Tactical Edition – Galaxy S23 Tactical Edition is a special version of Samsung’s flagship phone that has special software capabilities for military purposes.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 series is one of the best Android phones on the market; But they may not satisfy everyone. In particular, the military and other institutions that require more robust devices with higher security and more capabilities; They probably won’t settle for the standard version. For this reason, now Samsung has unveiled the military version of the Galaxy S23 with the Tactical Edition extension.

Of course, this phone is not one of those devices that has a bulky armored body or a camouflage design. Yes; The Galaxy S23 Tactical Edition version is a little more durable than the regular version; But it emphasizes more on software features.

This phone has apps like ATAK for nobles regarding the surrounding environment and BATDOK for monitoring the condition of the injured and sending relevant information.

Samsung has used Armor aluminum frame to physically strengthen the device, and of course Gorilla Glass Victus Plus has replaced Victus 2. The phone also comes with a military grade resistant case that can be installed on the arm or chest of people.

Military version of Samsung Galaxy S20

Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition

Aside from these, the Tactical Edition version is no different from the regular Galaxy S23 and is sold with the same technical specifications, including IP68 certification.

The Korean company had previously released the tactical version of the Galaxy S20; But for the time being, he has not revealed any other details about the new phone and has not even released a clear picture of it.

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