Samsung’s new display is equipped with features that no mobile phone has

04 June 1402 at 11:24

Samsung’s new display called Sensor OLED, produced for mobile phones, has capabilities that no other display in the world can offer.

Samsung phones have always been famous for their brilliant displays. In fact, Galaxy S23 Ultra is one of the best Android phones in the market in terms of display.

What does Samsung’s new display have to offer?

Samsung Display, the leader of OLED display manufacturers in the world, unveiled the first OLED panel equipped with a fingerprint sensor to measure blood pressure and heart rate. This new panel, called Sensor OLED, is designed to be used in smartphones and tablets and measure health-related factors.

As other companies get closer to the visual quality of Samsung’s displays, this company is trying to increase this distance. This time, it’s time to unveil a new Old panel that can read users’ fingerprints from anywhere on the screen. This is a new generation of screens that can be used on high-end smartphones in the future.

Samsung's new display panel

Currently, many smartphones use a fingerprint sensor under their display, but the part that is needed to do this will be separate from the main panel, and as a result, only a small part of the screen is from your fingerprint sensor. supports. Samsung’s new technology moves this module into the panel itself, which makes the entire screen recognize your fingerprint.

Samsung usually uses ultrasonic fingerprint sensors on its devices, but it is not clear whether it will use ultrasonic technology for this method as well. Samsung is likely to provide more information about this technology in the coming weeks. But right now we can’t confirm that it will be as fast as the Galaxy S series.

More importantly, Samsung’s new display panel isn’t just a giant fingerprint sensor. In fact, it can also measure the heart rate, blood pressure and stress level of users.

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