Stand on top of smart banking with National Bank (Bam) application

Almost a century has passed since the establishment of National Bank of Iran in 1307, and since then, Bank Melli has experienced many changes in parallel with the development of the banking industry.

This progress and development was not limited to the increase in the number of employees from 27 people to 45 thousand people or the number of branches from 2 branches in Tehran and Bushehr to 3328 branches all over the country; Rather, with the growth of digital technologies, this authentic and long-established Iranian bank has also grown. One of the key areas that National Bank has entered due to the need is digital banking. Today, with the release of its digital banking system known as “Bam”, National Bank has tried to launch a comprehensive platform for doing banking and financial affairs for its users and customers.

Along with Bam Melliis a practical and comprehensive software for National Bank customers that covers a wide range of financial and banking services. National Bank’s application services are so extensive that it is necessary to describe each of them here. We also explain how owners of phones equipped with different operating systems can install the special application for their phone.

The set of services provided by Bam Melli for the customers of Melli Bank

Digital authentication: One of the distinguishing features of Bam is that if you are a customer of Melli Bank, you do not need to visit the branch in person to install and activate the Bam application, and you can launch and activate your app online with the help of digital authentication.

Opening an account with “Bam”: Even if you don’t have a bank account in National Bank, with the help of Bam, you can open an account in this bank in absentia and join the family of millions of customers of National Bank. With the help of Bam and after digital authentication, you can request to issue a card and activate your SMS system, and all this happens without the need to be physically present at the branch.

Investing with small amounts in “piggy bank”: In the Bam app, there is a feature called “piggy bank”. In this new service, those who do not make financial investments professionally, but want the value of their assets to be preserved, can benefit from guaranteed investment in the piggy bank. The interest of the piggy bank is determined and calculated on a daily basis. Basically, a piggy bank is a type of investment fund with fixed and guaranteed income.

National Bank application

Banking services in one place: With the application of the National Bank, many services that were once performed only in the branches of the banks, have been transferred to the mobile phone and practically a bank in your pocket. Tasks like opening a digital account, receiving bills and classifying transactions are only a part of these services.

There are different types of money transfer methods available in Bam App, which you can use depending on the desired amount: for example, the Satna method up to a daily limit of 100 million Tomans, the Paya method up to a daily limit of 50 million Tomans, the Bridge (standing at the moment) up to 10 million Tomans per day. Even things like getting a certificate of financial ability can be done through BAM.

Management of cards: You can manage your bank cards with Bam. In-bank card-to-card transfers up to 10 million Tomans, receiving card balances and transactions without an account (such as debit cards or gift cards), receiving card balances and even repaying credit card installments can be done with the help of BAM.

Buying recharge and various internet packages: In Bam, you can buy phone recharge for your credit SIM cards from all mobile phone operators in Iran, as well as various internet packages for permanent and credit SIM cards.

Easy payment of bills with Bam: With the help of Bam app, you can pay every bill in a few minutes by just scanning the QR code.

Management of loans and facilities with BAM: With the help of National Bank app, you can repay your loan installments and facilities received not only from National Bank, but also from other banks. You can also add other people’s facilities to your system and reimburse them.

Integrated fishing check affairs: All the management processes of fishing checks such as registration, inquiry and check transfer can be done by Bam app.

Flexible and customizable settings: You can customize various features in the appearance and performance of Bam app according to your usage and interests. The ability to change the profile photo and create an avatar, advanced search in the sections and content of the app, choosing the method of entering the app with a fingerprint, choosing a dark or light theme are among these changeable features.

Support 24 hourly: To ensure the satisfaction of its users, National Bank Group has added telephone support services to the number 1679 to its digital services.

How to install Bam Melli iPhone and use it?

for use Digital banking application of National Bank (BAM) Various methods have been designed and considered. There are currently three different versions of BAM available: the Android version for Android OS users, the leading BAM web application version for those who don’t want to install a new app, and the ios For iPhone users. If you are a user of Apple phones and due to existing restrictions, you cannot install Iranian apps directly from the Apple App Store, you can download iOS banking apps like with Saderat Bank (SAP), Bank Mellat companion for iPhone and other mobile banks from Roy Iranian app store Apple iOS Get. Using Sibcheh is very simple and you can easily install Iranian apps on your iOS phones and use them continuously by purchasing a subscription to one of its packages. Bank Melli for its ios users a code Discount 30 thousand tomans To shop Sibche subscription Both are considered and you by entering the code BAAM You can use this discount on the purchase of any Sibcheh subscription package.

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