Telegram destroyed WhatsApp once again with this meme + photo

05 June 1402 at 20:41

Apparently, Telegram does not want to end WhatsApp by razing it to the ground! Telegram’s media team published a meme today that joked about the addition of a new feature to WhatsApp. This feature has existed in Telegram for years.

If you follow the news of Gadget News, you have probably seen many times in recent months the news of WhatsApp being mocked by Telegram. Although Telegram is the first choice of users in many countries such as Iran, it is behind WhatsApp in other countries. WhatsApp is trying to bring itself closer to its originally Russian competitor by adding various features, but the fact is that even adding new features gives Telegram a new opportunity to humiliate its competitor more than before. It’s time to joke Telegram with the addition of the ability to edit WhatsApp messages!

WhatsApp activated message editing after years; Telegram did not stay silent!

As far as my memory serves, there was a feature of editing messages in Telegram. Thanks to this feature, if there is a mistake in the message, we no longer needed to delete it completely or send the edited message in the form of a new message to the other party. On the other hand, WhatsApp did not show any interest in enabling the ability to edit messages for users, and this made it fall behind its competitors in this field, as in many other sectors.

Finally, after a long time and waiting for several years, WhatsApp activated this simple feature that was also present in weak native messengers. Telegram, as we expected, used this situation well to once again use a meme to raze its competitor to the ground.

Telegram meme about WhatsApp

Not long ago, we saw the humiliation of WhatsApp by Telegram using a meme, and now Telegram has used a new meme to attack its competitor. As you can see, Telegram used the famous spongebob meme, which is a familiar image in the world of memes. As you can see in the picture above, being equipped with the ability to edit messages since seven years ago is a point that the Telegram media team is maneuvering on.

Has Telegram gone too far in destroying its competitor or do you agree with the continuation of these Twitter fights? Share your opinion with Gadget News and its users in the comments section.

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