The ability to edit messages on WhatsApp has finally been unveiled + video

01 June 1402 at 22:48

Now WhatsApp users can also use the message editing feature in this application; Of course, you must act very quickly so as not to miss the opportunity to edit the sent message.

Finally, WhatsApp has made available to users an important feature that many have been waiting for: the ability to edit the messages you have sent to your audience. After sending each message, you have 15 minutes to edit it; This could be correcting a typo or adding an emoji that was missed in the sent message.

To edit the message, you need to make a pause touch on it and select the Edit option from the opened menu. If you edit a message in this way, an edited label will appear next to it to distinguish it from intact messages. This means that the person or people present in the chat will notice that you have changed your message; But they cannot see what the original message was.

According to the announcement WhatsappIn the coming weeks, all users will have access to the ability to edit messages.

You must know that Telegram had provided such a feature a long time ago and since the release of iOS 16, iPhone and iPad users can also edit their sent messages in iMessage. Even Twitter Blue subscribers can edit their post up to 30 minutes after tweeting. So maybe it’s not bad to say good morning to WhatsApp!

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