The ability to post animated gif images in comments came to Instagram

May 28, 1402 at 12:50

Commenting with animated images or gifs and adding lyrics or lyrics to rails are two of the new features of Instagram that are available to users.

After a long wait, it is finally possible to react to Instagram posts with GIFs. The director of Instagram “Adam Mossari” announced this news in a chat he had recently with his boss, Mark Zuckerberg, through the Instagram channel.

This feature allows you to comment under an Instagram post with a GIF. You can also use Giphy animations to reply to other comments.

GIF in Instagram comment

Musari also announced the test of another feature: the addition of song lyrics to Rails videos!

This feature appears to be based on the auto-caption sticker that Meta introduced for Stories in 2021. Apparently, there will be a timeline at the bottom of the screen to better sync the lyrics with the song.

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