The ability to record video from the screen in Android 14 is the dream of iPhone users

03 June 1402 at 17:12

Android 14 beats iOS in this field by providing advanced screen recording capabilities! To know more about the details of this feature, stay with us in the rest of the text.

The battle between Android and iOS in the smartphone market is an endless battle in which, every time, the scales are tipped in one direction!

At first, the most important discussion among the fans of these two operating systems was the smoothness of their user interface; Where Apple phones always had the upper hand and provided better performance with the help of optimizations.

Furthermore, the security of these two platforms was discussed and Apple once again managed to defeat Google and Android; However, in recent years, Android has also made important improvements in this field and is sometimes equipped with attractive security features that are not even available in iOS!

Now, leaving aside the discussion of smooth performance and security features of each of these platforms, it is time for the different capabilities of each.

In this context, of course, there have been many debates and controversies between Android and iOS users; Because while most of the capabilities of these two operating systems are shared, each one has unique capabilities that are not present in the other.

Android 14 operating system

An example of these exclusive features is Live Activity on iOS devices, which Android phones lack.

At the same time, according to the news, Android 14 is going to be equipped with a very attractive feature that has been long desired by iPhone users!

Google has recently released the second beta version of the Android 14 operating system to testers and introduced them to the new features of the new version of its operating system.

Among all the attractive features that this version of Android offers, the ability to record video from the screen is a wonderful feature that will probably be well received.

The ability to record video from the screen in Android 14 will probably make iPhone owners jealous

Of course, both Android and iOS operating systems support screen recording. However, it seems that Android plans to go one step further and provide users with new features in this field.

According to the report of some users on Twitter who have shared their experience with the beta version of Android 14, this operating system will allow users to record the screen in a specific application; So that while recording the screen, other open applications can be ignored so that the recorded video is only related to a specific application!

How does the new video recording system work in Android 14?

To better understand this new feature of Google’s upcoming operating system, let’s say that you have changed the screen recording settings to focus only on WhatsApp. In this situation, even if several other applications are open at the same time as WhatsApp, only the window of this application will be recorded and other applications will not be present in the recorded video.

Also, if there is any interference in the WhatsApp operation during the recording, the process will be stopped and will resume after the interference is resolved.

For example, if you suddenly decide to check Instagram while recording a video from WhatsApp, the recording will stop and resume automatically after returning to WhatsApp.

According to the users who tested the Android 14 beta version, in this situation, video recording does not stop from the screen; Instead, when the user is working with the main application, the screen turns black so that the information about other applications is not recorded in the video.

Additionally, Android 14 users will also be able to record the entire screen; So that important and vital information is not recorded in the video.

In this situation, if a notification appears on the screen during recording, it will not be found in the video!

Of course, this feature was previously embedded in Android products by some phone manufacturers such as Samsung. However, Android 14 will enable all Android phone users to enjoy this feature.

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