The accompanying Hajj packages were introduced for the first Hajj of 1402 Farent

At the same time as the days of Hajj are approaching, the first mobile subscribers who intend to travel to Saudi Arabia can carry the SIM card of the first mobile phone operator, while enjoying a suitable preferential tariff that is intended for pilgrims and staff members of Hajj Tamattu 1402. benefit from the benefits of roaming without having to worry about getting a SIM card and paying foreign currency fees. The first companion has recently introduced some Hajj packages for the year 1402.

Hajj package with the first 1402

First Mobile has announced in its announcement: “Following the agreement made by First Mobile with Saudi operators, it is possible to offer calls and data at a very reasonable price and even better than Arabic SIM cards for First Mobile subscribers (permanent and credit) and the subscribers With a very small cost, they will have a good amount of data available.” It is also worth mentioning that for the first time the 5G service for the pilgrims of Baitullah Haram can be used and subscribers can use the Internet at a very high speed.

Among the Hajj packages, there is a 60-day discount international internet package for pilgrims, which, in addition to the possibility of easy purchase from various portals, pilgrims can safely travel from Iran and before without worrying about the expiry of the validity period of the package. Prepare this package from your trip.

First Companion has designed a package with unlimited volume for 90 days with 150 minutes of conversation and 150 free roaming SMS for use in Saudi Arabia for caravan managers and Hajj headquarters and pilgrims who need a lot of data and conversation.

On the other hand, due to the limitations of some social networks inside the country and the need of pilgrims to talk, a weekly Hajj roaming package with 70 minutes of talk and 70 free text messages has been considered for subscribers who need to call Iran or from Iran. Is.

Pilgrims who are interested in using cost-effective packages for international internet and first mobile calls in their trip, can choose from among the 4 prepared packages by dialing the command code. “Star 10 stars 2913 stars 5 square” Select the desired package.

“Special package” of 1.5 gigabytes of 60-day Hajj international internet (special for Saudi Arabia) at the price of “280 thousand Tomans”, “3 GB weekly international Hajj internet” package with a gift of 5 minutes of conversation and 5 SMS at the price of “440 thousand Tomans” And the 90-day “Unlimited International Hajj Internet” package with a gift of 150 minutes of calls and 150 text messages at the price of “one million and 840 thousand tomans” is intended for permanent and credit subscribers of the first mobile phone who are planning to go to Saudi Arabia. .

Also, the weekly “70 minutes of conversation” package along with 70 gift SMS is intended for those subscribers who need more conversation and its price is “340 thousand Tomans”. By purchasing these packages, pilgrims and their families can activate the roaming service for the pilgrims of Baitullah Haram.

According to the agreements of the first carrier, the subscribers of this operator in Hajj Tamattu 1402 can also take advantage of the reduced free tariff rate. Therefore, the tariff for the free use of the roaming service with a discount compared to the previous price, as per the description, every minute of conversation with Iran or Saudi lines is 9000 Tomans, every minute of conversation received from Iran is 9000 Tomans, every SMS to Iranian lines is 3000 Tomans and every megabyte of internet is 2000 Tomans

Also, for the well-being of families to talk to their pilgrims in Saudi Arabia, the rate of international calls with the first mobile lines was reduced to 9000 thousand tomans per minute, considering the preferential price. In addition, the rate of calling from a landline with pilgrims is 9000 Tomans.

Pilgrims of the House of God should be aware that according to the security instructions of Iranian portals, the possibility of secure access to banking and Iranian portals through foreign SIM cards and hotel Wi-Fi is generally limited, so if there is a need to use They have Iranian portals, they should go to buy Iranian SIM cards and use roaming data packages.

First Mobile subscribers interested in using Hajj roaming packages should Before your tripactivate the international roaming service by dialing the command code “Star 10 Star 2911 Square”; With this, in addition to receiving free banking SMS, they will have free access to the “Hamrah Man” portal.

It should be noted that turning on the phone and receiving SMS is free. Pilgrims can use the USSD command code as well as the “Hamrah Man” and “Oano” applications to pay bills and buy recharges.

Also, subscribers can purchase and activate special Hajj packages for themselves or the pilgrims they are considering by visiting the “Hamrah First Online Store” or the “Hamrah Man” application.

For complete information about Hajj packages, free tariff rates, rules for using packages and answers to frequently asked questions, visit the Hajj campaign page at the address https://mci.ir/haj Visit.

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