The assemblers finally come to terms with the competition council + the latest price list of Chinese cars

01 June 1402 at 13:15

The assemblers, the Competition Council and the Ministry of Security finally reached a single decision and agreed on the new prices. In the following, we will go with the latest list of Chinese car prices and read more details of this news.

In its last meeting with assembly managers, the public relations of the Ministry of Security requested the full implementation of the Competition Council’s decision regarding the price of assembled cars, and this story finally ended. Next, we will get to know the list of assemblers who send their new products to the market based on the approval of the Competition Council, and finally, we will get to the latest news about the price of assembled cars and let you know how to sell these cars.

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The list of automotive assembly companies and coordinated with the price of the competition council

The price of assembled cars with the new law

Currently, the managers of assembly car manufacturing companies such as Bahman Motor, Mandir Khodro, Kerman Motor, Farda Motor and Ilya Khodro, which mostly have Chinese products in their assembly production line, have announced that they will comply with the decision of the Competition Council regarding the new price of assembled cars. and it seems that we will see a drop in the price of these products.

The latest price of assembly companies’ cars based on the new decree

Currently, no news has been published by car assembly companies about the new price of their products, but we share the latest news about the price of assembled cars with you. These prices may change in the future or remain unchanged; Because it is said that the price of cars will not change in the slightest for the next year. In the table below, you can see and compare the latest price set by the Competition Council and the current price of assembled cars in the factory, but it is said that these prices are also being revised:

car Competition council price Current factory price
Tigo 7 Pro (car managers) 1 billion 9 million 745 thousand 174 tomans 1 billion and 166 million tomans
Tigo 8 Pro (car managers) 1 billion 483 million 275 thousand 998 tomans 2 billion and 269 million tomans
Chery Arizzo 6 (car managers) 1 billion 24 million 375 thousand 790 tomans 1 billion 430 million tomans
Chery Arizzo 5 (car managers) 735 million 399 thousand 393 tomans 1 billion and 55 million tomans
MVMX 22 MT (car managers) 484 million 532 thousand 369 tomans
MVMX 22 Pro (car managers) 646 million 512 thousand 836 tomans
MVMX 55 Pro (car managers) 983 million 926 thousand 818 tomans 1 billion and 220 million tomans
Jack G4 (Kerman Motor) 552 million 593 thousand 596 tomans 785 million tomans
Jack S3 (Kerman Motor) 632 million 228 thousand 928 tomans 955 million tomans
Jack S5 (Kerman Motor) 992 million 147 thousand 674 tomans 1 billion and 545 million tomans
KMCK 7 (Kerman Motor) 1 billion 137 million 670 thousand 524 tomans 1 billion and 850 million tomans
Dongfeng SX5 (Ferda Motors) 645 million 730 thousand 772 tomans
FMCT 5 (Ferda Motors) 896 million 832 thousand 439 tomans 1 billion and 306 million tomans
Changan BS11 (Ferda Motors) 474 million 82 thousand 175 tomans
Daion Y5 (Ilya Motor) 1 billion 127 million 335 thousand 598 tomans 1 billion and 248 million tomans
Dignity Prime (Bahman Motor) 843 million 139 thousand 628 tomans 1 billion and 330 million tomans
Fidelity (Bahman Motor) 728 million 659 thousand 736 tomans 1 billion 164 million tomans for the five-seater model and 1 billion 197 million tomans for the seven-seater model

You can also read the comparison of these prices with the market price through this link.

How to sell assemblers’ cars based on the new resolution of the Competition Council

Sale of assembled cars that are priced based on the new approval of the Competition Council. It is done only in the integrated car system, and none of the assembly companies and private companies are allowed to offer their products in dealerships and in the form of pre-sale, installment or immediate sale plans. Also, the Organization for the Protection of Consumers and Producers said in its latest announcement:

1- The general sale of the products of Ilia, Farda Motor, Kerman Motor, Car Managers and Bahman Motor companies based on the decisions of the 543rd meeting of the Competition Council as well as the vice president of transportation industries will be done only through the integrated car allocation system and with the coordination of the relevant authorities. Any sale of a car outside of the mentioned system, including the sale of the product by the representatives of that company in the form of immediate delivery or installment sale, is prohibited and is deemed to be a sale outside the network, and if found, it will be dealt with in the form of punishment laws.

2- Due to the participation of that company in the car allocation plan through the integrated system and determining and communicating the priorities, all the matters announced to that company regarding the car purchase applicants are considered as the future obligations of that company and should be announced based on the approved prices. Take action on time. Of course, if that company does not take action in concluding the contract within the specified time, it will be considered as one of the cases of non-delivery of the car and will be dealt with according to the penal law.

3- Regarding those products whose price has not been announced by the competition council, it is necessary to take the minimum possible time to complete the necessary documents and all the contracts concluded with customers should be adjusted in a way, in order to comply with the provisions of the executive regulations of the Law on Protection of Rights. Car consumers, as soon as the price of the products is announced, the terms of receiving and paying the possible price difference of the car from that company or the customers after determining the final price are possible.

4- Collecting the car purchase amount from the applicants to conclude the contract should be done in accordance with the type of regulatory contract (pre-sale, immediate sale and extraordinary three-month sale). (Extra sale for a maximum of three months and pre-sale for a maximum of one month), therefore, receiving and paying for the car is contrary to the provisions of the regulations and is a violation and should be corrected.

5- The prices used in issuing invitations to complete the payment must be in accordance with the announced prices and any price announcement, excess payment, etc., will be followed up in the judgment of overselling through Ta’ziri cases.

With regard to the above and in view of the previous reminders, it is reiterated that the companies are obliged to handle all the complaints of customers and consumers, and in case of non-cooperation, the complainants can go through the departments of the mining industry and commerce of the provinces and The relevant deputy inspectors should assert their rights by presenting their complaints and reports.

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