The biggest changes in the Galaxy A54 compared to the Samsung Galaxy A53

May 30, 1402 at 09:29

Samsung has made key changes to the Galaxy A53 – The Galaxy A53 has turned the mid-range A54 into an unbeatable product. But what are the most important differences between these two generations of the popular Korean middle class?

The Samsung Galaxy A series of phones have become excellent mid-range products in recent years.

These phones are not only in the role of a mid-range product with full power to cope with their daily tasks; Rather, from time to time they take a look at flagship class products and borrow some of the features of these phones.

Samsung Galaxy A series phones have become more mature in each generation and their differences with the flagship products are getting smaller. For this reason, many people who were looking for flagship and premium phones before have gradually been drawn to these mid-range phones.

Galaxy A54 phone

In the past few years, the extraordinary progress of this category of phones has made them the most reliable mid-range options in the market; So that now you can experience many features of the expensive flagships of the market with the Galaxy A series phones at a more reasonable price.

In March last year, Samsung launched the Galaxy A53.

For the first time, this phone offered users some features of the Galaxy S flagship series, such as a 120 Hz screen. Of course, the Galaxy A53 was not a perfect product; Especially when we were comparing its camera with other mid-range ones like Google Pixel 6a!

However, the performance of the Samsung Galaxy A53 was generally rated as very good.

In 2023, however, Samsung took another big step forward in the field of mid-range products and unveiled the Galaxy A54, optimizing the A53 and adding new features.

Galaxy A54 is considered a great product and although it is not much more advanced than last year’s model; But it has unique features that make it a completely more advanced product compared to E53.

In the continuation of this text, we will try to examine the most important changes and improvements of the Samsung Galaxy A54 compared to the Galaxy A53 and explain the major differences between these two very popular mid-range devices.

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If you are planning to buy a high-quality mid-range phone and are hesitating between last year’s and this year’s amazing Samsung mid-range phones, stay with us until the end of this text.

The most important changes of the Samsung Galaxy A54 compared to the Galaxy A53

The overall improvements made in the Galaxy A54 compared to the Galaxy A53 generally fall into the two categories of design and technical performance.

Design improvements

Recently, Samsung has made a lot of efforts to achieve a unified design for its Android phones. The result of this is the approach of the design of the flagship and mid-range phones of this company.

Accordingly, the $450 Galaxy A54 phone is very similar to the Galaxy S23 series in terms of design, and it is not possible to distinguish them easily.

For this reason, the overall design of the A54 should be considered a head and neck higher than other mid-range devices on the market, including the Galaxy A53.

All the details of this mid-range phone, even the protrusion of the rear camera lens, are designed similar to the Galaxy S23, which results in an attractive and premium appearance of this device.

The changes in appearance of Samsung Galaxy A54 and A53 do not end with the camera module; Because the Koreans have also replaced the plastic frame on the back of the A53 with a glass sample on the A54, and in order to protect it more, they have used the Gorilla Glass 5 protective layer on the front and back of the device.

The same use of glass in the design, along with the 13-gram weight difference between these two phones, have made holding the mid-range Samsung 2023 feel much better.

Of course, both Galaxy A54 and A53 use a plastic frame. Nevertheless, the sample used in A54 has a matte color and contributes to the visual appeal of this product.

Technical performance

The Samsung Galaxy A series of mid-range phones use weaker chips than the Galaxy S flagship products due to price considerations.

Last year, Samsung used Exynos 1280 chipsets in the Galaxy A53, which, despite their acceptable performance, had some flaws.

These shortcomings and weaknesses caused the A53 to encounter slowness and lag a little at times.

This problem was partially fixed in the Galaxy A54, and by using Exynos 1380 chipsets, Samsung made much better technical performance for its 2023 mid-range devices.

The Koreans have claimed that these new chips are about 20% more powerful than last year’s models, and the existing benchmarks of the performance of these chips have proven the same.

Of course, Samsung Galaxy A54 is lower than direct competitors such as Google Pixel 7a in terms of overall processing power. However, the power of these processors is such that you can have a smooth and comfortable experience in most applications.

Of course, the chip used in the Galaxy A54 is not supposed to be as powerful as the Galaxy A53! Therefore, you cannot expect detailed and graphical games such as Genshin Impact to run with the highest quality and without any problems on this midrange.

However, the changes made in the Galaxy A54 chip have made this phone generally have a better technical performance compared to the A53.

Conclusion; Is Samsung’s mid-range product of last year more valuable or the new mid-range product of this Korean company?

Despite all that has been said here, choosing between the Galaxy A54 and A53 is up to you!

If you currently own a Galaxy A53 phone and are happy with it, the Galaxy A54 probably won’t appeal enough to entice you to upgrade.

However, if you are looking to buy a high-quality mid-range phone and are interested in having some of the selected features of Android flagship phones at a more reasonable price, you are unlikely to find a better option than the Galaxy A54 in the market!

Which of these two mid-range Samsung phones do you consider more valuable? Share your opinion about these two popular products with us.

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