The biggest space explosion in the history of the world happened; 100 times larger than the solar system

May 25, 1402 at 10:13

Scientists managed to observe the largest space explosion in the history of the world. This explosion is 100 times larger than the solar system and has confused astronomers.

Apparently, on Friday, scientists managed to observe the biggest space explosion in human history. The story started when about 3 years ago, a fiery ball with the dimensions of about 100 times the size of the solar system started to burn at a very far distance from the earth.

The biggest space explosion in the history of the world has amazed all the astronomers

The biggest space explosion

Astronomers have tried their best to provide a logical explanation; But the data is not enough for this astonishing phenomenon. The recent explosion has been named AT2021lwx, and although it has been dubbed the largest space explosion in human history, it is not the brightest. That nickname goes to the BOAT explosion that threw a huge wave of gamma rays around.

Philip Wiseman, professor of astrophysics at the University of Southampton, explained why AT2021lwx was chosen as the largest space explosion in history. According to him, the energy released by this explosion during the last three years was much more than the BOAT short explosion. Of course, Wiseman explained that they discovered this explosion completely by chance.

For the first time, the ZTP telescope instrument recorded the data related to this explosion while mapping the sky in 2020. However, none of the astronomers at that time noticed the presence of such an extraordinary phenomenon. It was only a little later, thanks to more powerful telescopes, that people like Weizmann realized the greatness of this explosion.

Examination of different wavelengths showed that this explosion is about 8 billion light years away from Earth. This distance is much farther than most of the new light flares observed in the sky, which means that the corresponding burst must be much larger. In fact, scientists estimate that this explosion will be 2 trillion times brighter than the Sun. Astronomers have offered different explanations for this phenomenon.

First, AT2021lwx is an exploding star; But the problem is that the received light is up to 10 times brighter than any supernova we have seen before. Another explanation is related to a phenomenon called fatal collapse. This happens when the star is near a supermassive black hole and the black hole’s super-gravitational force causes the star to collapse.

Although the world’s biggest space explosion is almost 3 times brighter than such an event, and of course the received data does not point in this direction. The only explanation that makes some sense is a quasar. At the center of most galaxies is a supermassive black hole. In a region far away and beyond the reach of the black hole, a large amount of gas has accumulated, which is required for the birth of new stars.

However, when two galaxies collide and merge, many planets and stars are thrown out of their original orbits and the previous overall order is disrupted. As a result of this event, the two central mass black holes merge and create a supermassive black hole. On the other hand, the gases are also moved and become available to the black hole.

Ingesting an incredibly large amount of gas causes the black hole to engulf a dense halo of matter and appear as a light trillions of times brighter than the Sun. Although the problem is that in quasars or quasars, the received light sometimes increases and decreases, but the largest space explosion observed by mankind does not behave like this and has been burning steadily since three years ago.

In fact, mankind has not encountered such a phenomenon so far, and because of this, astronomers do not have a ready explanation to offer. However, recently, an international team of researchers has stated the most probable possible explanation. They suspect that a very large cloud of gas (about 5,000 times the size of the Sun) is being slowly swallowed by a supermassive black hole.

Although there is no such thing as certainty in the world of science. Therefore, the team is preparing various simulations to test this theory. One of the problems of this theory is that supermassive black holes are located in the center of galaxies, and if an explosion of this size is to occur, the host galaxy must be at least as big as the Milky Way. While no galaxies can be seen near the explosion of AT2021lwx.

In fact, the biggest space explosion in the universe has confused scientists. Currently, astronomers have decided to examine as much data as possible from different telescopes so that they may be able to identify explosions similar to the one mentioned. In this case, it is possible that they can give a more acceptable explanation regarding this wonderful phenomenon.

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