The Chinese have left a mysterious object in space; What is the matter?

01 June 1402 at 16:34

The Chinese government is advancing its space program alongside its military program. Recently, the Chinese have released a mysterious object in space, which has caused concern.

China is advancing at a high speed in space science and has made every effort to both send a much larger number of satellites into space and to prevent the US military from using space in a possible war. In fact, the Chinese do not look at space as a place for scientific exploration and have other goals in mind. This approach has made the release of a mysterious object by the Chinese into space news.

The disturbing approach of the Chinese in releasing a mysterious object in space

Chinese mysterious space object

Previously, the Americans had developed the Boeing X-37 space plane as a unique project. This space plane was operational for the first time in 2010 and was able to go to space completely independently and unmanned and then return to the ground and sit on the runway like a normal plane.

Apparently, the Chinese made this space plane their model and sent a similar version of it into space. This is despite the fact that in the world only a very small number of countries have achieved the ability to build reusable spacecraft. However, no information is available on the design, specifications and capabilities of the Chinese spacecraft.

We only know that this space plane was able to land successfully for the second time after 9 months in the earth’s orbit. Apparently, the Chinese spacecraft has also left a mysterious object in space during this time. Experts believe that the Chinese spacecraft will be relatively small and unmanned. The Chinese mystery bird was first operational in September 2020 and returned to Earth after two days in orbit.

The latest mission is related to 2022, when this particular plane traveled to space from the Jinuquan Satellite Launch Center in northern China. The spacecraft dropped a mysterious object early last fall. Something whose nature is not clear at all and it completely disappeared in early January. However, satellite assessment radars were able to observe this strange object again in early spring.

Explaining this incident, experts said that the Chinese space plane probably has some kind of robotic arm that can pull the satellite into it from space and then drop it back into space. Jonathan McDowell, a professor of astrophysics at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center, also emphasized that the Chinese have been working hard on robotic arms recently.

Of course, some believe that the release of a mysterious object by the Chinese in space was only for scientific purposes. They also emphasize that the robotic arm could be used to repair satellites as well as collect space debris. However, some still believe that this technology can be used for military purposes, and the secrecy of the Chinese also confirms this to some extent.

Do you think China prioritizes the military use of space or does it consider the scientific aspect more?

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