The fall in the price of assembled cars in the Iranian market

03 June 1402 at 16:22

There is a significant fall in the price of assembled cars. The price reduction of some domestic assembly machines reaches several hundred million and even one billion.

In recent days, there have been conflicts over the price of assembled cars, which can be said to have yet to have a decisive outcome. First, the competition council published the price list of 17 assembled cars, in which even a price reduction of 800 million tomans can be seen compared to the factory price. After the publication of this list, private car manufacturers expressed their opposition to these prices and even a meeting was held between the car manufacturers and the Competition Council, but the outcome of this meeting was still the same as not changing the specified prices. Now it seems that assembled cars have faced a fall in their prices in the market.

A significant fall in the price of assembled cars in recent times

The fall in the price of assembled cars

Following the recent scandals related to the non-change of the price approved by the Competition Council for assembled cars, the price of these products has taken a downward trend. Even Saeed Motmani, the head of the Union of Exhibitors and Sellers, recently addressed the issue of the significant reduction in the price of montages. According to him, most of the domestic and assembled cars have faced a price reduction and only the prices of limited items have remained constant.

Motmani pointed out that the price of Tigo 8 model 1401 has dropped from 4 billion 200 million tomans to 3 billion 100 million tomans. Even the 1402 model of this high-end crossover of car managers is traded at a price of approximately 3 billion and 350 million tomans. Jack S5, another high-demand SUV in the market, is now priced at 1.670 billion tomans, while a little while ago it was sold in the market at a price of 1.9 billion tomans.

Dignity and Fidelity Bahman have also experienced a price drop. The price of Dignity has decreased to 2 billion and 70 million tomans, but earlier its price was 2 billion and 400 million tomans. The 5-passenger version of Fidelity, which was priced at 2 billion 250 million tomans before, is now available at a price of 1 billion 930 million tomans. The 7 passenger version of this Chinese crossover currently has a price of 1 billion 950 million tomans with a drop of 350 million tomans compared to before.

According to Motmani, aside from the fall in the price of assembled cars, some domestically produced cars such as Dena automatic and manual transmission, Shahin and Tara have seen a price reduction. The price of Dena automatic and manual transmission has decreased from 950 million and 730 million tomans to 910 million and 715 million tomans, respectively. The price of falcon has increased from 640 million to 610 million tomans and the price of tara has dropped from 920 million to 905 million tomans in recent times.

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