The first companion gives gifts to the people of Khuzestan on the occasion of Khorramshahr and Dezful days

02 June 1402 at 19:51

On the occasion of Khorramshahr and Dezful days, the first companion considered special operator gifts and special discount codes for purchasing digital products for Khuzestan residents.

First mobile operator plans to present special gifts to its subscribers in Khuzestan province at the same time as “Fath Khorramshahr” anniversary and “Dezful Resistance and Sustainability Day”. Until Monday, June 8, 1402, subscribers can take advantage of the special gifts intended for these days.

The first accompanying gift on the occasion of Khorramshahr and Dezful days

In this regard, Mobile First operator has considered a one-day free conversation within the network for subscribers of Khuzestan province, which subscribers can use by dialing the command code “10 stars, 4 stars, 2 squares”. In addition, by dialing the “Star 121 square” command code, subscribers can also benefit from “one week of unprecedented discount on the purchase and activation of Firuzeh Internet packages”.

Also, Khuzestan residents can use the discount code of 2 million riyals to reserve cottages and villas through “Jajiga”. In addition, First Companion has provided the subscribers of this province with a gift credit of 1.5 million riyals to buy a “net box” which is a smart device for watching movies and series online for subscribers of Khuzestan. One million Rials of gift credit for buying mobile phone insurance through “i-insurance” is also considered as another first mobile gift for these days.

It should be mentioned that the 3rd of Khorrad, the anniversary of the liberation of Khorramshahr, was named as the day of resistance, sacrifice and victory, and “Fourth of Khordad” was named as the day of resistance and stability of Dezful in the calendar due to the resistance of the people of Dezful against the rocket attacks of the Baathist regime of Iraq during the holy defense period.

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