The latest trailer of The Flash movie was released; DC greats reunion with Michael Keaton + video

04 June 1402 at 00:18

The latest trailer of the movie The Flash or The Flash 2023 puts the exciting story of this movie almost in the palm of your hand and presents some interesting sequences to your eyes.

I have finally reached the final station and we are only one step away from the release of the movie Flash 2023. The latest trailer of The Flash movie is here to give us up to the minute information. In the following, we will follow the general story of this movie and then we will go to the release date and actors and watch its attractive trailer.

The Flash movie trailer and a look at the story line


Part of the story of Flash 2023 is inspired by the comic book “Flashpoint”, in which Barry Allen’s character (Flash) travels back in time to save the life of his mother, who was murdered when he was a child, and this causes him to At Interfere timelines.

Flash teaser 2023

As a result of this incident, now Bruce Wayne (Batman) was murdered when he was a child and on that strange night in the alley next to the cinema, and now Thomas Wayne (Batman’s father) has become the character of Batman and Martha Wayne (Bruce Wayne’s mother, also known as Batman) main) has also taken the role of the Joker in the middle!

Vander Von and Aquaman have become enemies and Superman has never seen the color of the sun and has been hiding in a prison since entering Earth and has no way to fight at all. These events are related to Flashpoint comics, but in the trailer you can clearly see that General Zad (the enemy of Superman’s father, who was destroyed in Man Of Steel 2013), has returned to our planet once and for all thanks to a time warp. , defeat Superman! In this situation, Michael Keaton Loveable, in the form of Batman, comes at this time to show you his amazing tricks once again.

Agents and actors of The Flash 2023 trailer

Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck as Batman, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Azar Miller as Barry Allen, the Flash, Sasha Kalie as Supergirl, Christian Clemens, Michael Shannon, Maribel Verdo, Monica Jackson, Ron Livingston and Jeremy Irons in The role of Alfred will be among the stars of The Flash.

Also, Andros Monschetti is acting as a director, and Warner Brothers and Pictures will jointly be responsible for the production of this work.

The release date of the movie Flash is 2023

It is said that The Flash movie is going to be released on June 16, June 26 this year. You can also watch the previous trailer of the movie Flash 2023 through this link and see its first teaser through this link.

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