The new price of Saipa products was announced in June 1402

The new price of Saipa products in June 1402

Saipa company announced the price of its products for June 1402. The new price of cars such as Quick, Saina, van 151 and Shaheen has been determined.

By entering the month of June, Saipa has published the factory price list of its cars. This list includes different versions of Saina, Quick, Shaheen, Vant 151 and Nissan. In addition, it should be mentioned that in calculating these prices, all the side costs are included, and as a result, the prices are final. In the following, you can see the price list of Saipa products for June 1402.

New price of Saipa products for June 1402

car Contract price with participation interest Contract price without participation interest
Saina S Type DA 248 million and 694 thousand tomans 217 million and 945 thousand tomans
Saina S double 283 million and 128 thousand tomans 261 million and 110 thousand tomans
Saina S automatic 330 million and 932 thousand tomans 312 million and 601 thousand tomans
Quick tip DA 201 million and 180 thousand tomans 190 million and 677 thousand tomans
Quick S 268 million and 194 thousand tomans
Quick S type DA 268 million and 808 thousand tomans 235 million and 987 thousand tomans
Quick plus automatic 327 million and 87 thousand tomans
Quick R type DA 255 million and 999 thousand tomans 224 million and 673 thousand tomans
Quick R CVT type DA 338 million and 484 thousand tomans
Sahin G 425 million and 166 thousand tomans
Normal Pride 151 van 218 million and 29 thousand tomans
Van 151 with liner 221 million and 380 thousand tomans
Nissan optional 429 million and 500 thousand tomans
Nissan optional hydraulic 446 million and 500 thousand tomans
Optional dual Nissan 485 million tomans
Nissan Diesel 556 million and 454 thousand tomans

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