The new round of the auction of mobile first rand numbers has started

01 June 1402 at 07:03

The new auction round of the first mobile rand numbers started on Monday, June 1, 1402. Stay with us to know the details of this auction.

The General Department of Communications of Iran Mobile Communications Company announced that the new round of the mobile phone Rand numbers auction has started at the same time as the Decade of Dignity. The new round of assigning these numbers will start in the morning of Monday, June 1, 1402. All users can refer to the auction system of the first and largest mobile phone operator in Iran to view the numbers and participate in this auction.

The first companion has principles and a value structure that expresses the provision and performance of easy and accessible services for the general public of rand number applicants; For this purpose, the new round of handing over rand numbers of this mobile phone operator will be done by holding an auction for all applicants online, and applicants can participate in this auction at the Internet address rond.mci.ir Visit.

How to participate in the auction of mobile first rand numbers

In order to participate in the new round of the auction of mobile phone Rand numbers, you must confirm the terms and conditions related to participating in the auction and then enter the requested and identity information correctly in the mentioned system. In the next step, you have to make an online deposit, which is equivalent to 20% of the base price of the mobile phone number.

The time validity of each auction depends on two conditions, and both conditions must be met for the auction to end. The first condition is that the legal auction time ends; This legal time is different for each auction and will be announced at the start of the auction. The second condition is that eight hours must have passed since the last price offer on a number. If a new bid is announced before the end of the auction period, the auction period will be extended for another eight-hour period.

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