The new Xiaomi refrigerator with Italian style was introduced

June 1, 1402 at 11:49

Xiaomi unveiled the new Mijia 400L refrigerator with Italian style, economic price, the ability to connect to the smart home ecosystem and voice assistant support.

Xiaomi added the new Mijia Refrigerator Italian Style 400L to its home appliance collection. This stylish and beautiful three-door refrigerator has an Italian style and has a white cover with narrow borders that seamlessly blends with the desired home decoration. Xiaomi’s new refrigerator is priced at an economical 3,499 yuan ($499), offering great value for money thanks to its impressive features.

Specifications of Xiaomi Mijia 400L refrigerator

New Xiaomi refrigerator

This device features new technology that brings slim bezels and a compact design while maximizing storage capacity. The dimensions of the new Xiaomi refrigerator are 600 x 635 with a thickness of 1911 mm, which can easily be placed in small kitchens without occupying a large space.

This refrigerator is designed with practical components in mind and has compartments and drawers that organize food well. The appliance’s double-layered freezer drawer provides easy access to frozen items, while the large 252 liter refrigeration area can hold 371 soft drinks bottles.

In addition, the 148-liter freezer compartment also provides enough space to store 32 dishes. Among the outstanding features of the Xiaomi Mijia 400L refrigerator is an independent drawer with the ability to change the temperature. This drawer offers three temperature modes that ensure optimal conditions to preserve the nutritional value of different meals, making it an ideal option for mothers.

This refrigerator is also equipped with a variable frequency compressor and a combination fan that uses a dedicated temperature measuring device to monitor and maintain constant temperatures. This technology minimizes temperature fluctuations and thus brings freshness and better preservation of food.

Energy efficiency is one of Xiaomi’s priorities, and the Mijia Italian Style 400L refrigerator meets expectations in this regard. This refrigerator has the second energy consumption rating and consumes only 0.89 kWh of electricity per day. In addition, the new Xiaomi refrigerator has a very quiet operation and its noise level reaches 36 dB.

Using air circulation technology, this refrigerator prevents food from sticking together and while maintaining the freshness of stored items, it ensures easy access and recovery. This feature also eliminates the need for manual defrosting. In addition, the refrigerator compartment has an anti-bacterial and deodorizing silver ion module that effectively absorbs odor molecules.

As part of the company’s smart home ecosystem, Xiaomi’s Mijia Refrigerator Italian Style 400L supports easy connection options. Thanks to this feature, the device can be controlled remotely and customized using the Mi Home app. The new Xiaomi refrigerator also supports the XiaoAI voice assistant, so that it is possible to set up and manage without hand intervention.

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