The official price and trims of the Tigo 9 have been determined; Import to Iran is unhindered

31 May 1402 at 19:51

Chery announced the various trims and prices of its new flagship SUV, the Tiggo 9, and it seems that with these numbers, the import of the Chery Tiggo 9 to Iran is unimpeded.

Chery’s product portfolio in the crossover and SUV segment is now in the most complete possible state. The Tigo series only lacked a large three-row chassis, which has been completely solved thanks to the Tigo 9. In the following, we will go to the official price and type or different trims of the Chery Tigo 9 SUV and check its technical specifications and options and finally take a look at the chances of importing it to Iran.

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Price and trims of Chery Tigo 9

Price of Chery Tigo 9

This car has entered the market in three different trims, which are probably known by the same names in international markets:

Chery Tigo 9 Leading Edition 22.1 thousand dollars
Chery Tigo 9 Deluxe Edition 23.5 thousand dollars
Chery Tigo 9 Premium Edition 25 thousand dollars

Technical specifications and options and facilities

The dimensions and size of Chery Tigo 9 is almost a head and neck higher than Tigo 8 and includes 4820 mm length, 1930 mm width and 1699 mm height, and its wheelbase reaches 2820 mm.

The Chery Tigo 9 engine is a 2-liter TGDI turbocharged four-cylinder engine that can send 260 horsepower and 400 Nm of torque to the front wheels with a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. Considering that the price of Chery Tigo 9 in the standard version is only 22 thousand dollars, without exaggeration it can be said that this engine is not a small diamond in this price range.

Chery Tigo 9 suspension system uses the latest technology in the world and CDC suspension It is known that by the way one of German ZF masterpieces is also considered Thanks to its sensors, the CDC suspension system can scan the road around a thousand times per second and change the stiffness or softness of the aids based on the road conditions.

Next, we come to the list of attractive features and options of Chery Tigo 9, which will be a masterpiece for a 25 thousand dollar SUV:

  • Automatic cruise control
  • Full LED light system with day light and auto light
  • Rain sensor
  • Camera recording events
  • Stability and traction control system
  • Uphill and downhill movement assistant
  • Emergency braking system
  • ABS and EBD braking
  • 19-inch wheels with 245/55 tires in the standard version and 20-inch wheels with 245/50 tires in the full option version
  • Tire pressure sensor
  • Blind spot radar and 360 degree camera
  • Parking sensor and reverse camera
  • Radar stays between the lines
  • 12.3-inch digital multimedia cluster
  • Driver face recognition sensor
  • Sony audio system with 14 speakers
  • Dynamic lighting system with cascade arrangement and 128 different colors
  • Electric steering wheel with D-cut and multi-function steering wheel
  • Autohold and electric parking brake
  • Electric cash register
  • Power seat with 6-point adjustment for front row passengers
  • Seat heater
  • Ability to fold the second row seats
  • Cup holder and center console for the second row
  • Dedicated air vents and access to power front seats from the back row
  • Three driving modes: sport, normal and eco along with personalization mode
  • Mouse for multimedia
  • Lighter charging and USB C charging port and wireless charger
  • Do Jalivani
  • Keyless start and keyless entry system to the cabin
  • Full leather upholstery with wood and chrome decoration
  • Electric panoramic sunroof

The price of Chery Tigo 9 in Iran and the possibility of import

Car managers and the Phoenix group are currently having a good time with Tigo 8, Tigo 8 Pro and Promax SUVs, and that’s why they may not go for the import of Chery Tigo 9. But the absence of the presence of this SUV in the country can be felt, and if it is imported, Chery Tigo 9 SUV price in Iran It will be between 2 billion and 800 million to 3 billion tomans and even a little higher.

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