The painful score of Iran’s Internet in the latest speed test results; Below Fiji, Sri Lanka and Bolivia

01 June 1402 at 08:06

The score and position of Iran’s fixed and mobile internet in the latest speed tests indicates a sad fall. In the following, we will go along with Iran’s Internet rating from SpeedTest’s point of view.

The speed test site has become the soul of us Iranians, and when we visit it at the beginning of the month, we fall by a few steps. A little while ago, we mentioned that Iran’s Internet score in the speed test ranking is lower than that of unknown African countries, and now the situation is even worse. Also, at the beginning of the work, it is not bad to mention that the image of the article was created by artificial intelligence.

The latest score and rating of Iran’s Internet in SpeedTest

In a word, the last ranking of Iran’s internet in the speed test is a disaster in every sense, and mobile internet has fallen by one step. Position 62 It has arrived and the fixed internet is also a step higher, but it is still there Position 145 It is lower than Tanzania and Angola!

Iran’s mobile internet ranking in the world in terms of speed test

Tehran mobile internet speed Speedtest

Mobile internet rating in Iran according to SpeedTest

average speed The world’s mobile internet In April and in the results of the speed test, it was about 42 Mbps for download and 10.33 Mbps for upload, and the ping was recorded at 28 milliseconds.

The internet of South Africa, Abu Dhabi and Vietnam is better than ours

Iran’s mobile internet compared to these numbers, in Rank 62 It is said that compared to the previous month, it indicates a step down. Also, the situation of countries like Azerbaijan, South Africa, Vietnam, Amman, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait and Qatar is better than us. Internet location with the cities of Tehran and Mashhad respectively Rank 86 And 95 From this point of view, cities like Moscow, Ankara, Beirut, Istanbul, Taipei, Muscat, Jeddah, Doha, Riyadh, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Al Rayyan, Qatar are higher.

Iran’s fixed internet rating in the world according to SpeedTest

Average download speed for Fixed internet in the world, it is about 80.12 Mbit/s, this number reaches 35.13 Mbit/s for upload, and the ping is about 9 milliseconds. With these interpretations, the status of Iran’s fixed internet ranking in the world is worse than it is, and from this point of view, in Rank 145 We are in the world. Of course, we are grateful that we have gone one step higher compared to the previous month!

Angola and Tanzania rank higher than us

Stable internet status in countries like Angola, Tanzania, Fiji, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Myanmar, Senegal, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Haiti, Venezuela, Madagascar, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Rwanda, Ghana, Bangladesh, El Salvador, Guatemala, Kazakhstan, Congo, Burkina Faso, Uzbekistan, Cyprus, Kyrgyzstan, Palestine, Bahrain, war-torn Ukraine, Qatar and Vietnam and in short any country you can think of is better than us and Iranians are not laughing at the moment! The rank of fixed internet in Tehran and Mashhad respectively Position 162 And 174 and these three-digit numbers are enough to interpret the situation and we will not go into details.

The money to improve the Internet situation is poured into the pocket of filtering!

Now the question is why the status and position of Iran’s Internet in the world is so bad? We only mention one of the reasons. It was only yesterday that we found out that about 200 billion Tomans of the money that was spent for Instagram filtering went up in smoke overnight. It is because of the technical changes that Instagram has applied to its network. In your opinion, this money and thousands of similar items of this money, cannot be spent on the improvement and development of Iran’s fixed and mobile internet network?

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