The path of dangerous asteroids for the next thousand years was determined; Are we in danger?

29 May 1402 at 21:19

One of the events that can lead to the death of all humans and creatures is the collision of an asteroid with the earth. For this reason, scientists have determined the path of all dangerous asteroids for the next thousand years.

Asteroid collision with Earth is inevitable. This has happened many times before and will definitely happen in the future. Although, in the short time of human presence on this planet, we have not witnessed a big collision. With all this, if we are thinking of living on earth for millions of years and gradually providing the ground to be present in other parts of the Milky Way galaxy, we must find a way to threaten asteroids.

The path of dangerous asteroids indicates the possibility of a major catastrophe in a thousand years

Destruction of mankind

NASA has shown that this issue is very important. That is why he did the Dart mission last year. In this mission, a satellite deliberately rammed itself into an asteroid in order to influence its speed and direction. In fact, satellites can protect humanity to some extent against small asteroids; Although this action is not enough. For this reason, scientists have determined the path of dangerous asteroids for the next thousand years.

Although this time is very short in the cosmic scale, it can be valuable for humans. Various organizations are surveying the sky and trying to make a map of all near-Earth objects. Although this map is not yet complete, fortunately it has been able to cover large asteroids. Large asteroids are dangerous examples whose diameter reaches more than 1 km.

Asteroids of these dimensions can not only completely destroy cities, but also have the ability to severely damage the entire planet’s ecosystem. In order to assess the danger of these asteroids, a team of astronomers has predicted their orbit in the next thousand years. Their analysis shows that none of them can pose much of a threat to the Earth for the next century.

However, predicting their movements after this time is not an easy task. The problem is that the smallest change in space can have a drastic effect on the trajectory of dangerous asteroids. For example, a slight change in the heat received from the Sun or a slight pull from the side of the planet Jupiter can cause an asteroid to slightly change its path and collide with the Earth in a few thousand years.

If you want to know more precisely the amount of damage caused by an asteroid impact with the Earth, it is better to take a look at the asteroid impact simulator that shows the depth of the disaster in your city.

Astronomers also looked at the closest possible collision between a dangerous asteroid and Earth. In particular, they considered how the distance of the target asteroid would change over hundreds and thousands of years. For this, computer simulations were used to take into account many different factors that may one day affect the path and speed of the asteroid. The maps eventually identified asteroid 7482 as a frightening example.

This asteroid will spend a lot of time near Earth during the next millennium. Of course, the mentioned asteroid may never hit the Earth, but it is most likely to hit the Earth in the next thousands of years. Scientists also encountered a very worrying case in their investigations. Asteroid 143651 has a completely chaotic orbit and it is not possible to predict its movements for more than a few decades.

In fact, even with the way it moves and the speed, it is impossible to know if it will ever come close to the earth or not. In general, after determining the path of dangerous asteroids, astronomers introduced 28 cases as the final option. These 28 asteroids will pass by us in the next thousand years from a distance less than the distance between the Earth and the Moon, and any factor can cause their catastrophic collision with the Earth.

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