The sale of assembled cars outside the integrated system was banned

01 June 1402 at 12:42

Consumers and Producers Protection Organization announced by publishing a notice that the sale of assembled cars outside the integrated system is prohibited.

The private sector car manufacturers and the competition council finally agreed with each other during the meeting yesterday at the Ministry of Mining Industry and Trade. According to this agreement, the private car manufacturers will implement the decision of the Competition Council. In this regard, the consumer and producer support organization announced by publishing a notice that the sale of assembly machines outside the integrated system is prohibited.

Banning the sale of assembled vehicles outside the integrated system

According to the announcement of the consumer and producer support organization, the sale of the products of private sector car manufacturers, including Ilia, Farda Motor, Kerman Motor, Car Managers and Bahman Motor, is only possible through the integrated system, and sales outside of this system are prohibited. The full text of this announcement is as follows:

“According to the information received after the announcement of the price of that company’s products through the Competition Council, according to the decisions of meeting No. 566 and following the reflection of some issues, through frequent public calls, the following points are emphasized in order to take action and carry out corrective actions:

1- The general sale of the products of five companies (Ilya Automotive Industries, Farda Motor, Kerman Motor, Motor Managers and Bahman Motor) based on the decisions of the 543rd meeting of the Competition Council as well as the Vice President of Transportation Industries will be made only through the integrated car allocation system and with the coordination of the relevant authorities, and any supply The car outside the mentioned system, regardless of whether the product is sold by the representatives of that company in the form of immediate delivery or installment sale, is prohibited and in the order of supply outside the network, and if found, action will be taken in the form of punishment laws.

2- Due to the participation of that company in the car allocation plan through the integrated system and determining and communicating the priorities, all the matters announced to that company regarding the car purchase applicants are considered as future obligations of that company and should be announced based on the approved prices. Perform it in a timely manner. Of course, if that company does not take action in concluding the contract within the specified time, it will be considered as one of the cases of non-delivery of the car and will be dealt with according to the penal law.

3- Regarding those products whose prices have not been announced by the competition council, it is necessary to complete the necessary documents in the shortest possible time and all the contracts concluded with customers must be adjusted in a way, in order to comply with the provisions of the executive regulations of the Law on the Protection of The rights of car consumers, as soon as the price of the products is announced, the terms of receiving and paying the possible difference in the price of the car on behalf of that company or customers should be possible after determining the final price.

4- Collecting the car purchase amount from the applicants to conclude the contract should be done in accordance with the type of regulatory contract (pre-sale, immediate sale and extraordinary three-month sale). (super sale for a maximum of three months and pre-sale for a maximum of one month); Therefore, receiving and completing the payment of the car against the provisions of the regulation is out of the rules and a violation and should be corrected.

5- The prices in issuing invitations to complete the payment must be in accordance with the announced prices, and any price announcement, excess payment, etc., will be followed up in the judgment of overselling through Ta’ziri cases.

With regard to the above and considering the previous warnings, it is emphasized again that the companies are obliged to handle all the complaints of customers and consumers, and in case of non-cooperation, the complainants can contact the provincial departments of mining and trade and the relevant inspection department. By presenting their complaints and reports, they should get their rights.”

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