The situation of Windows 11 is so critical that Microsoft has not done anything

01 June 1402 at 09:49

The problems and bugs of Windows 11 have become so complex and confusing that apparently even Microsoft has given up on them.

Microsoft recently admitted in a bitter admission that there is no solution for some Windows 11 problems. According to Neowin, some Windows 10 and Windows 11 users have reported a strange bug that prevents the Start menu, Windows search bar, and some Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps from launching or working properly.

These problems appear to be caused by registry keys and data related to Microsoft Office programs and other Windows software, including Outlook. Although these bugs have not affected all users, some have been struggling with it since January of this year. However, despite the considerable amount of time that has passed since the bugs were reported, Microsoft seems unable to fix them.

Windows 11

Has Microsoft given up on the problems of Windows 11?

On the Health page of Microsoft’s website, the company reported on the issue that Windows Search and Universal Platform (UWP) apps may not work as expected or have problems opening. The tech giant has also announced that it has provided a solution to fix this problem in a recent update.

However, unfortunately, Microsoft’s solution could not completely solve the existing problem, because the company informed its users that to reduce bugs, they can simply remove programs that integrate with Office, Outlook or Outlook Calender.

It seems that Microsoft has directly admitted that Windows 11 bugs cannot be fixed that easily, and has only stated a method to clear the problem. The current solution is also not a good option for people who rely on these apps, as removing them will reduce productivity and cause confusion.

Microsoft claims that it is still looking for a definitive solution to this problem so that it does not need to force users to uninstall certain programs. However, the company’s inability to fix Windows 11 bugs is a matter of concern. In some cases, the operating system is so bad that Microsoft simply can’t fix it.

Operating systems such as Windows 11 are complex software that must work with countless combinations of hardware and software. Since there are already news about the development of Windows 12, it is not bad for this company to focus on correcting the flaws of the current version first.

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