The start of vehicle registration in the integrated system from June 3; Which car is more profitable to buy?

02 June 1402 at 19:48

From June 3, it will be possible to register a car in the integrated sales system. In the following, we will discuss the most profitable domestic and assembly machines of this plan.

After holding the first phase of car sales in the integrated system, the second phase was started on May 20 and continued until May 29. As we have seen before in the conditions of the second stage of the integrated system, during this period the applicants had to create their proxy account and block or block the required amount of 100 million tomans for the benefit of the consumer and producer support organization. Now, in the continuation of the second stage, car registration in the integrated sales system will start from tomorrow, June 3.

Car registration in the integrated sales system from tomorrow

  Car registration in the integrated sales system and the most profitable cars

In order to create a representative account and block a certain amount in favor of the support organization by the applicants, the banks have sent their information to the integrated system to take the necessary measures. Now, according to Mehdi Taghodsi, as the manager of the integrated car allocation system, it will be possible to create a profile and choose a car for applicants on the system’s website from June 3rd. As it was specified, applicants will be able to register 5 car purchase requests. In addition, according to Taqdesi’s reference, only those who have the conditions whose information has been sent to the system will be able to do the initial registration from June 3 to June 10.

Among the general conditions for registering to buy a car through the integrated sales system are to be at least 18 years old and have a valid driver’s license, not buying a car from domestic car manufacturers in the last 24 to 48 months, not having an active license plate, and the prohibition of money order sales and transfer of points. Cited. Regarding the quota for mothers in the second stage of the integrated sales system, it should be mentioned that conditions such as having at least 2 children (provided the second child is born after November 19, 1401) are required. Despite this, conditions such as a valid certificate and license plate are not valid for the applicants who benefit from this quota.

A list of cars and a look at the amount of their purchase profit

In the second stage of car supply in the integrated sales system, the following domestic and assembled cars are presented to the applicants:

  • Saipa Atlas
  • Quick GX
  • Quick automatic
  • Quick R GX model
  • Saina S automatic
  • Saina GX model
  • Saina S
  • Saipa Shahin
  • Automatic Falcon
  • SX5 tomorrow
  • Tomorrow T5
  • Jack S3
  • Jack J4
  • Jack J7
  • Arizo 6 Pro
  • Tigo 8 Pro
  • MVM X55 Pro
  • X22 Pro Automatic
  • X22 Pro Manual Gear
  • Arezzo 5 Turbo

Currently, there is a huge difference between the factory price and the market price of cars, which has confused the market more than ever. If we do not consider the potential problems and drawbacks of the unified car sales scheme, applicants can make a significant profit by buying a car through this system instead of the open market. Now we review factory prices and market day of integrated system cars to see which cars, whether domestic or assembled, will bring the most profit for buyers.

Saipa products are among the most profitable cars in the integrated sales plan. for example, Quick R GX model Meanwhile, it is offered through the system at a price of about 252 million tomans, which currently has a price of nearly 360 million tomans in the open market. Automatic R version This Saipa hatchback has a price of about 339 million tomans in the integrated sales plan, but its price reaches 445 million tomans in the market. Another version of Quick that can be among the profitable cars, version Automatic plus The factory price is 327 million tomans.

sedan Saina S manual transmission With a factory price of 241 million tomans against the market price of 365 million tomans, it is another vehicle of the integrated sales system that has the most profit. In addition, it should be Saina S automatic It was noted that the price of its factory is approximately 322 million tomans. sedan Hawk Saipa is sold at the factory price of 425 million tomans, while it is traded in the market at a price of around 608 million tomans.

Apart from Saipa cars, Arizo 6 Pro And Arezzo 5 Turbo Car managers are among the most profitable products of the integrated system with the factory price of 1 billion tomans and 735 million tomans, respectively. Arizo 6 Pro is sold in the market even at a price of 1 billion 685 million Tomans and Arizo 5 Turbo should be found in the market at a price of 1 billion 330 million Tomans.

Meanwhile, MVM X55 Pro It is available at the factory price of 983 million tomans, otherwise it costs 1 billion 585 million tomans in the open market. also X22 Pro Automatic And X 22 gears manual With a price of about 647 million and 485 million tomans, respectively, they are among those cars with integrated system, which are more profitable to buy. The automatic X22 Pro costs 1 billion and 110 million Tomans in the market, with a significant difference compared to the factory, and the manual X22 has a value of 845 million Tomans in the market today.

Gadget News users, what do you think about the second phase of integrated sales and the most profitable cars of this plan?

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