The trailer of the movie Extraction 2 with the presence of Golshifteh Farhani and a strange record was released + video

26 May 1402 at 22:57

The trailer of Extraction 2 was introduced with a strange record in the action genre. In the following, we will talk about this record and watch the teaser of this movie.

With the second trailer of the movie Extraction 2, Netflix made the hype of the fans to the ceiling. In this trailer, we are accompanied by the attractive performances of Chris Hemsworth in the role of Tyler Rick and again, we see the performances of Golshifteh Farahani.

The second trailer of the movie Extraction 2 starring Golshifteh Farahani

The first version of the movie Extraction was released in 2020, and the interesting thing is that the master of action movies, Sam Hagrave, is again seen as the director of this work. So it is not surprising that one of the most interesting records in the world of action cinema is broken in this movie!

21 minutes of action battle in the movie Extraction 2, that too in one shot!

Cinematic extraction 2

Filming one scene in one shot had become one of the normal things in the cinema of 2022. We also saw the masterpiece of this type of filming in the movie 1971. But the film Extraction 2 intends to take the “single shot” style to another level and offer the audience exactly 21 minutes of attractive battles and action in the form of one sequence. This issue is not too strange because Netflix intends to make the movie Extraction as special and different as possible; Because the first version of this movie has the title of “the most watched original movie on Netflix”.

Actors, agents and the release date of the movie Extraction 2

As you can see in the trailer of Extraction 2, stars like Chris Hemsworth, Golshifteh Farahani, Shahab Rudbari, Tinatin Dalaki Shovel, Sammy Jonas, Adam Bissa, Daniel Barnhart and Justin Howell are acting in Extraction 2. Sam Hargrave is also a director and producer in the movie Extraction 2, and Joe Russo has taken the trouble of writing the screenplay.

It is said that the movie “Extraction 2” is going to be released on June 16 this year, i.e. June 26. You can also watch the first trailer of this movie through this link.

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