Toyota Corolla is the new taxi of the Taliban; Lie or truth?

May 25, 1402 at 13:20

Some ignorant people on Twitter have introduced Toyota Corolla as the new taxi of Afghanistan under the Taliban regime; But how true is this story?

Fake news is the new virus in social networks. Beautiful and exciting news that, at first glance, are engraved in your brain and compel you to publish them. Just like the news of the Toyota Corolla taxi fleet in the Taliban regime!

Toyota Corolla taxi fleet in Afghanistan

Toyota Corolla Afghanistan taxi

The whole story started from the photo above. The image that was first published by a regular account on Twitter and then a person (the so-called entrepreneur) trumpeted it and called the earth and time bad and misguided! But what is the truth? It is quite clear that Afghanistan in the current situation and with the presence of the Taliban, does not have the ability to progress on a large scale. How can a thought that prohibits half of the population from education, think of progressing? What about taxiing the Toyota Corolla, that too on a wide scale.

There is no need to explain that the presence of two Toyota Corollas in the Afghan taxi fleet was a show; Otherwise, with a little browsing on the Internet, you will find that the condition of ordinary taxis in Afghanistan is even worse than the condition of taxis in Iran in the 80s. Unfortunately, Afghanistan has never been able to localize its automobile industry due to many reasons, most of which are related to the civil war, and for this reason, most of the taxis that ply in Kabul are related to 2000 model Toyota Corollas; It means cars with a life of more than 20 years!

Toyota Corolla taxis in Afghanistan are probably related to Qatar

If you have traveled to Qatar, you have probably come across the Karwa Taxi service. The livery or the color of the cars in Qatar Carva taxis is turquoise blue. In the picture above, you can see a picture of the large Karva fleet.

Considering that the turquoise blue color for passenger taxis is considered a special color and not everyone uses it, we assume that the Toyota Corolla taxis in Afghanistan were borrowed from the Qatar Karway taxi service. Also, if you look closely at the main image of the article, you can see a white spot and a white coating on the hood and doors of the car, which seems to be installed to hide something. With a little research, you will find that these parts in Carva taxis are related to the place of advertisements; No further explanation needed!

in the end wish We hope that the evil shadow of war, poverty and superstitions will be far away from the hardworking people of Afghanistan and we hope that in the near future, they will have the best cars in the world and the sound of laughter and joy will be heard from every house in this country.

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