Top 7 Voice changer apps For Android iOS and PC

Introducing And Reviewing 7 Voice Change apps For Android And iPhone

There are many apps for Android and iPhone that are designed to help people. Some of these apps are fun to use. One of the popular programs is the voice change program.

This software is mostly used in humorous environments. Although the demand has decreased a bit, many good apps can still be used to change the sound on Android and iPhone.

Usually, this can be done using several different effects. In this article we will review and introduce the top 7 voice-changing apps for Android and iPhone, so stay with us.

What is a voice changer app?

Ever wondered if you could use the voice of your favorite celebrity, an animal, or an alien? This is possible only by using the voice changer application.

These apps have an easy user interface and amazing background effects. You can use them to change your voice and do some fun activities.

Maybe you want to use other sounds for fun and variety. Voice changer software is the best option for this. You can even use it to change your voice and send it to others, But don’t forget that these programs are for fun and humor.

Voice changer programs are suitable for changing the pitch and tone of people’s voices. Call Voice Changer for PC can record sounds and share them via social networks and emails. The best voice changer apps support a wide range of sound effects.

Introducing seven voice changer programs

Voice changer software supports voice editing features such as conversation recording, voice management, and more. The best ringtone changer for smartphones supports the following features:

Playback of pre-recorded sounds

Create serious ringtones

Integration with online games and chat applications

Option to create files from plain text files

Upload files in MP3/WAV formats

Sound distortion

We all have our unique sounds, which you can change to other sounds using voice changer for call apps. The best voice changer programs modify speech-related features, so your voice sounds less like your own.

In the following, we have reviewed the best voice-changing software, and you can easily download the program you need using these details.

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Number 1: AndroidRock Voice Changer

It is the best software for attaching additional effects to sounds.

Score on Google Play Store: 4.4/5

This voice changer app for Android offers several audio filters that will make your voice sound like a Martian, an older man, a child, a chipmunk, and more. In addition to recording live sounds and modifying them, you can also upload the local sound. Using the features of this software, you can apply various filters.

Tap on the following link to download and install the AndroidRock Voice Changer application:

This online software is a free voice changer and can be downloaded from the Google Play store.

Some of the most important features of this application are:

After recording the audio, you can also view and edit it later.

The voice changer app for Android allows you to share your recordings via Bluetooth and social media networks.

You can add additional effects to the sound you have already modified with the filter.

Before saving the recording, you can listen to it with your modified voice.


It has an easy user interface and simple controls.

It is suitable for artists who use their voices for cartoon shows.


This app does not support voice change in the live call.

Number 2: Voice Changer with Effects

It is the best voice changer program to convert text to audio format.

Score on Google Play Store: 4.4/5

Voice Changer with Effects app offers voice changes to the female voice and about forty other voice effects such as zombies, aliens, helium gas, reversed, and more.

To download and install this application, click on the following link:

Once you’ve edited your original sound, you can set it as a ringtone or alert for incoming notifications. Also, this program can create images with edited recordings and post them on Facebook.

Online Voice Changer App Pricing: This app can be downloaded for free from the app store, although in-app purchases may require you to unlock some filters.

Some of the best features of Voice Changer with Effects are:

This voice change app for mobile allows you to record live sounds and upload pre-recorded sounds.

You can share recorded sounds on WhatsApp, Email, and Facebook.

This application can parse text and then convert it to audio format.

You have the option to preview your recording with filters before saving.


It offers several sharing options for your recordings.

You can download your funny voice rendering in MP3 format.


Some effects, although different, look the same when applied.

Number 3: Super Voice Editor

The best voice changer software on iPhone has built-in microphone support for recording live sounds.

Rating in Google Play Store: 4/5

Using this app, you can apply multiple filters to your voice to make the generated voice sound funny and then record it in HD format.

Super Voice Editor is known as one of the best voice changers during conversation and allows you to share your edited voice recording with your friends easily.

To download and install this application, tap on one of the following links (based on your mobile operating system):

MP3 is one of its special features that can be used to cut audio from any audio file.

Super Voice Editor voice change price for mobile application: Voice Changer with Effects is a free voice changer software, and you can download it for free from the Android app store.

Features of Super Voice Editor include:

It offers filters like an alien, girl, robot, etc.

Voice recordings can be sent via messaging apps.

It’s perfect for musicians and singers, offering preset filters like Revobe Studio’s effects.

This app saves all your recordings to your local storage folder.

You can record your voice through the app’s built-in microphone or upload an existing file to your system.


You can add concert and theater-style effects to make your vocals more melodious.

You can customize the parameters of each filter to change its pitch, tone, and range.


All your saved data will be lost if the app crashes in the middle.

Number 4: RoboVox

It is the best program for directly uploading recorded sounds.

Rating in Google Play Store: 4/5

This program is one of the online voice-changing software from girl to boy and vice versa and has more than 30 creative filters. Interestingly, Robovox helps you change your pitch and tone.

To download and install this application, tap on one of the following links (based on your mobile operating system):

You can change the parameters of each filter to control how much your sound changes. This male-to-female voice changer feature has a built-in voice recorder and the option to upload pre-recorded voices.

Robovox online voice changer features include:

You can upload your funny voice recording directly to sound cloud.

This app allows you to share your recordings over mail as WAV files.

Once you’ve edited a song, you can set it as your ringtone.

It offers features like voice playback and parrot voice that repeats your phrases in the bird’s voice.

The program is also capable of performing spectral analysis in real time.


It has an attractive interface suitable for beginners.

This app offers pitch and amplitude modulation features.


The app may crash while recording your voice.

Number 5: MagicCall

It is the best program for testing multiple audio filters.

Rating in Google Play Store: 4/5

This online voice changer app allows you to prank your friends and change your voice live to baby, old man, girl or boy, etc.

To download this application on Android or iOS operating systems, tap on the following link:

MagicCall lets you switch between multiple audio filters in real time. All your edited voice calls are saved in the “My Recording” tab, where you can easily access them and re-edit them using additional filters.

Best Call Voice Changer MagicCall Price: MagicCall is a free voice changer app that can be downloaded for free, but there is also an option to make in-app purchases.

MagicCall features include:

This app allows you to test different filters on your voice before choosing the right one for your call.

In addition to filters, you can play sound effects like kissing, clapping, etc.

You earn free points when you first sign up for in-app purchases.

Recommend this app to your friends and get cash rewards.

Provides strong email support to resolve queries.


This program has an easy and intuitive user interface.

When it comes to exporting recordings, this program is relatively fast.


The volume-changing filters are limited compared to other apps.

Number 6: Best Voice-Changing Apps for iOS.

It is the best app for cropping and editing features.

Rating in Apple App Store: 4.5/5

This online video voice changer app for iOS has multiple filters and effects, including baby, old man, reverse expressions, star wars characters, and more.

To download this application on iPhone devices, tap on the following link:

You can record your voice live or add an existing audio file and then apply effects with this voice changer app for iOS.

iOS voice changer app price: This is a free voice changer app. It can be downloaded for free, But it also has the possibility of in-app purchases to access additional filters.

Features of Voice Changer include:

You can preview your edited recordings before saving them.

With its trim feature, you can cut out unwanted parts of a recording.

This program allows you to add new effects to edited recordings.

This is a great app for singers to adjust their voices to make them more melodious.


In addition to iPhone and iPad, this software is also suitable for iPod Touch.

This program has an attractive and intuitive interface.


This app is not compatible with devices running iOS versions older than iOS 11.

Number 7: Live Voice Changer

It is the best application in supporting the equalizer to change the tone of the voice.

Rating in Apple App Store: 4.5/5

This voice changer app for calls contains more than eleven effects that can change gender to make your voice sound like a celebrity or any other character.

Download and install this application on Android and iOS devices

Live Voice Changer is one of the best voice changer apps because it keeps recording in the background, and you can do anything else.

The important features of this popular program are:

An equalizer changes the sound’s tone to change the sound’s irregularities.

The best voice changer app has more than ten Reverb effects.

The program is compatible with external stereo systems to play recorded files on the speaker.

It allows you to share all your audio recordings with others via social media apps.


This program can be used for voice training by professional musicians.

It features internal loop playback and noise reduction.


The app sometimes crashes in the middle of recording.

last word

You can use all the voice-changing software introduced in this article for your smartphones, But you should not forget that voice-changing tools are mostly for fun and humor.

Depending on your phone type, you can download and install them from Google Play or App Store. Also, with each update, you can use their attractive features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my voice during a live call?

Yes. You can easily change the pitch and range of your voice by using a voice changer for calls. You can use the best voice changer apps during a call to apply various creative filters to change the tone between calls.

Are these best voice changer apps legit?

Online ringtone changer apps are legal if you only change your voice to prank famous people and have fun. However, we recommend that you do not use voice changer apps to threaten or commit any illegal activity that may trigger legal scrutiny.

Can my recordings be exported to different formats?

Many real-time audio conversion programs allow you to convert your recorded audio files to MP3, WAV, and other similar formats.

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