Watch sample photos of the Xiaomi 13 Ultra camera

25 May 1402 at 21:20

In this article, we will review sample photos of the Xiaomi 13 Ultra camera, a camera with which anyone can become a professional photographer.

The Chinese technology giant has displayed images as sample photos of the Xiaomi 13 Ultra camera and wants to show off the power of its new phone’s camera. In the images captured by Xiaomi 13 Ultra, the details are not highlighted too much and are very similar to reality.

Professional photographers take their digital cameras and create all kinds of amazing photos, photos that often express their thoughts. But most people don’t have a professional camera to record their moments, so they use mobile phone for this purpose.

The images recorded with the Xiaomi 13 Ultra camera are different from all other phones and can capture life as it is seen in reality and create your own photographic works.

The Xiaomi 13 Ultra is a device that can make people of all skill levels fall in love with photography. Stay with us by reviewing the features and sample photos of the Xiaomi 13 Ultra camera.

Specifications of the Xiaomi 13 Ultra camera

Specifications of the Xiaomi 13 Ultra camera

  • 50 megapixel wide camera – Sony IMX 989
  • 32 megapixel selfie camera
  • Ultra wide 50 megapixel camera
  • 50 megapixel camera with 5x zoom (periscopic), 120 mm with f/3.0 aperture
  • 50 megapixel camera with 3.2x zoom, 75mm with f/1.8 aperture

The Xiaomi 13 Ultra has four fixed-focus lenses, ultra-fast autofocus and excellent video recording, plus Leica Color Tone.

The main camera of the Xiaomi 13 Ultra is combined with a large one-inch stand that brings more light in dark situations. The main camera has a multi-layered nano-coating that improves light transmission speed at the same time.

The phone’s camera can also be set to Auto mode, which automatically adjusts the aperture value based on scene brightness, focus distance, and number of faces. This feature will be very valuable for users who are lazy in setting the aperture.

In the Xiaomi 13 Ultra, aberrations at the end of the lens have been eliminated, eliminating the need to introduce correction algorithms. This improvement also allows the phone to take full advantage of the sensor’s performance and deliver sharper image quality. The battery of this phone is also very durable and only 1% of its charge is reduced by taking pictures during the day.

Sample images of Xiaomi’s new flagship

These photos were taken in Hong Kong with the Xiaomi 13 Ultra. In this review, our goal is not to compare the camera of this phone with other flagships and their rating, and we will only talk about features such as user experience and its benefits.

If a photo looks good at first glance, the color and lighting should be the main reason it makes you feel that way. As Leica’s mobile partner, the Xiaomi 13 Ultra certainly follows Leica’s style of photography. Perhaps, Xiaomi’s cooperation with the Leica company has made the camera of this phone refrain from highlighting too much detail and finally record a natural image.

In addition to the fact that the design of this flagship is very similar to the M10R, the photo style also looks very similar. Leave the high dynamic range of traditional phones and increase the contrast. This is one of the best options to make the subject of the photo stand out.

To be precise, the Xiaomi 13 Utlra looks more like a professional camera without artificial intelligence processing. In this phone, you will not see excessive sharpening, too strong HDR and too much saturation. With this camera and its special design, you will sometimes forget that you are using a mobile phone for photography, not a camera!

One of the features of this phone that gives it an edge over a camera is its ease of use and ease of use. Compared to other phones, the Xiaomi 13 Ultra is bigger and heavier, but compared to the camera, it’s small and light.

When you’re out and about, your camera won’t always be with you, but your phone will always be with you. So this phone can be your second camera and still you won’t miss any of the great moments around you.

Despite this feature, you will no longer need to carry a camera bag and you can take it out of your pocket and use it easily when you need to take photos.

The unique color style of Xiaomi 13 Ultra can inspire people to take photos. In Pro mode, you can customize the style of your images. For a more retro look, increase the color tone. After doing this, you will see that the resulting photos are more like the feel of an old camera photo.

Sample photos from the Xiaomi 13 Ultra camera show that even the most ordinary photos look good after Leica processing.

Ultra Raw

Most flagship phones today shoot in Raw (a file type designed to address the limitations of the JPEG file format), but the 13 Ultra uses multiple raw photo stacks to deliver a new Ultra Raw mode.

When trying to show exposure in dark areas, you’ll notice that Ultra Raw photos have much less color noise. The only problem is that the file size doubles.

Variable aperture

The variable aperture is one of the special features of Xiaomi 13 Ultra. Of course, it is also important to mention that there is no need to change the aperture in most cases; Because there is not much difference between F1.9 and F4.0 in the phone.

The small aperture becomes a disadvantage at night, and the 13 Ultra’s automatic aperture switch is almost useless, so you can just stick to F1.9 for everyday use.

There are only two situations where you can switch to F4.0, shooting food or text. The small aperture allows you to see the details in general and the bokeh makes it difficult to see the details behind them too much.

Video recording

In the new era of technology, it is possible to record 4k video with 30 frames per second, 10 bit Log with mobile phones, which has improved the ability of mobile phones to record videos. However, currently only the main camera is supported and you can’t shoot at 60fps and the video bitrate is a bit low.

You can turn on the Dolby Vision switch on the Xiaomi 13 Ultra for high bitrate and 60fps video recording. This requires a very professional post-processing process.

The most impressive thing about video recording with this phone’s camera is that you can switch between four photos while recording.

Camera handle

One of the interesting accessories for the 13 Ultra model is the camera grip. The handle makes it very convenient to use the phone as a camera for a long time.

The grip is secured to the frame by a clamp and can be mounted with a 67mm camera filter via an adapter ring. The biggest advantage of the camera grip is that it makes the 13 Ultra feel more like a camera.

What are the disadvantages of this flagship camera?

Just because I say the Xiaomi 13 Ultra looks like a professional camera doesn’t mean it can actually replace it.

The difference between these two photography tools in sensors, aperture and lens quality is still very tangible, so night photography can be very difficult. Even with a digital camera, photographing at night is not an easy task.

Sample photos of the Xiaomi 13 Ultra camera show that this phone did not perform well enough in several photography experiments. Pro mode doesn’t allow for continuous shooting, and the one-handed lens change button is too far away. This makes shooting on a rainy day with the other hand holding the umbrella very difficult.

The next problem is that regardless of mode, when the 13 Ultra detects a human face, it automatically increases the exposure, and there’s no way to turn this feature off.

Automatic adjustment lens switch is another feature added in Xiaomi 13 Ultra. Despite this feature, you cannot automatically change the lens.

Another annoying thing is that sometimes the camera of this phone can’t remember your choices. For example, HDR is always on and video is always set to 1080p 30fps by default. As a result, even if you have changed to 4k, the next time you open the camera, it will still change to 1080p.

Also, the professional mode of this phone’s camera cannot change the lenses through the grip, only the digital zoom inside a lens. In addition, considering the extremely expensive current price, it is not recommended to buy this phone.

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