Watch the spectacular parade of Tesla’s humanoid robots

29 May 1402 at 19:34

Tesla unveiled the first version of its humanoid robot last year, and now Elon Musk has released a new video of it. In the new video, we see the remarkable progress of this robot.

Various companies are combining artificial intelligence and the world of robotics to embrace the future. They believe that one day robots will be in all homes and humans will not even imagine life without them. This belief has made us witness heavy competition in this sector. Now, Elon Musk has released a new video of Tesla’s humanoid robot to show the company’s progress.

A remarkable development of Tesla’s humanoid robot

Tesla's humanoid robot

Elon Musk showed the video in a meeting with Tesla shareholders and confirmed that the video was ready last night. In the new video, we see the Tesla Bot, which walks slowly and is able to lift and move objects. Also, this robot has the ability to control the incoming force. Tesla engineers are hard at work preparing this robot and so far they have been able to make great strides using machine learning.

Tesla Bot can now assess and recognize the surrounding environment. However, this is just the beginning and they want to prepare their humanoid robot step by step to perform more complex tasks. These improvements come despite the Tesla Bot not being able to walk when it was first unveiled last year.

A little later, a new version was shown that was leaning on a stand and could only wave to the audience. Although we are now with a relatively independent version. All this while a few months ago it was reported that Xiaomi’s cybervan robot was playing drums, and Sanctuary AI company also showed off the extraordinary abilities of the Phoenix humanoid robot with artificial intelligence carbon by releasing a video. This also makes it very difficult for Tesla’s humanoid robot.

In your opinion, which company can surpass others in the field of robotics?

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