WhatsApp introduced the ability to lock chats

In recent years, WhatsApp has tried to improve the security of its platform by providing new features, and now it has introduced the ability to lock chats.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging applications in the world and is used by more than a billion users to send billions of messages. Therefore, improving the security of this application is very important. In this regard, WhatsApp has taken another step to make the user experience safer by introducing the new Chat Lock feature.

Although you can now lock WhatsApp through a password or PIN or a biometric feature such as a fingerprint, Chat Lock works completely differently and will be able to lock your chats and conversations individually or in groups.

Locking a chat will hide it from the main WhatsApp inbox. This chat will be transferred to a separate folder that is locked with your phone’s password/PIN or biometric feature. You will be able to see this folder by swiping down on the main screen of the WhatsApp inbox.

The Chat Lock option is available in the Chat info section of each conversation. Another thing is that locked chat notifications will not display the content of the message. By tapping on the notification, you can confirm your identity with biometric method and view the message.

Meta has also released information about its plans to improve Chat Lock in the coming months. These improvements include the ability to lock chats on other devices and create custom passwords for chats. The second feature will allow you to use a different password than your phone’s password or PIN to lock WhatsApp chats.

The Chat Lock feature has been released as part of the latest WhatsApp update for Android and iPhone, and if you have updated this application, you can check the relevant option in the Chat info section.

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