WhatsApp will soon be equipped with the ability to specify a username

WhatsApp plans to add username to its platform. This feature will allow users to choose a username for their account.

website WABetaInfo Data report In the latest beta version of WhatsApp for Android, a new field has been added in the profile section, where users are asked to specify their unique username.

This feature will make the way users communicate on WhatsApp almost similar to Instagram, although many Instagram users do not know how to use their username. If this feature is added to WhatsApp, it will make a big change in the way of finding people on WhatsApp and also improve the privacy of users. In other words, instead of people needing to share their personal phone number or QR code in a chat, they can do so with a username. Meanwhile, WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption will still apply to conversations that start with a username.

WhatsApp has recently added new features to its platform, including message editing. This feature allows WhatsApp users to edit their message within 15 minutes after sending it, and an “edited” word will appear next to it. WhatsApp also recently introduced the Chat Lock feature, which allows you to lock your group or individual chats by setting a password or through a biometric scan. Notifications related to these messages will be blocked.

Regarding the username feature, WhatsApp has not confirmed it yet and it is not known when it will be available to users. This feature will probably be available to beta users before the general release.

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