With the impossibility of providing the service of stock exchange tokens by Mazdax, Tetherland stopped offering this service.

May 26, 1402 at 07:47

After two days of offering the service of converting cryptocurrency to stock exchange token, this service was stopped due to the disconnection of Mazdax service.

While it was possible for the first time to provide the service of direct conversion of cryptocurrency to stock exchange token in Tetherland exchange, Mazdax blocked the trading API service of stock token.

Mazdax Group has announced the reason for this decision due to legislative problems from the country’s Stock Exchange and Securities Organization. In Mazdax’s announcement, it is stated that “difference in the nature of service provision” from the side of the country’s stock exchange organization is an obstacle to providing this service, despite the fact that there was awareness of the nature of the service before this.

Following this decision, Tetherland announced in a notice published on its website that it has stopped the supply of these tokens in its new version. In the continuation of this announcement, Tetherland announced, emphasizing the protection of the interests of its users, that a mechanism has been arranged so that the buyers of the mentioned security tokens do not face any problems.

Tetherland In this announcement, it is promised that all the users who have purchased Bahadar tokens from Saturday 23rd of May until Monday 25th of May will have their assets saved in the wallet of the user account. These users can contact online support as soon as they decide to sell and register a redemption request at any time of the day or night. Tetherland also redeems these tokens based on the current rate of the tokens at the time of the user’s redemption. The full text of Tetherland’s announcement in this regard is as follows:

Stock exchange token

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