With this $15 gadget, the lock of all Android phones is hacked in 45 minutes

05 June 1402 at 11:12

Although fingerprint is known as one of the safest ways to lock the phone, but now hackers have been able to hack the lock of the phones that used the fingerprint sensor with a 15 dollar gadget and obtained the user’s information.

Many of us go to use the fingerprint sensor to lock and unlock our smartphones and we think that by using this method, our smartphone is impenetrable. However, hackers can hack any phone equipped with a fingerprint sensor in less than an hour by spending about one million tomans and get your most sensitive information and images!

Hack phone with fingerprint

Android phone hacking chart using $15 gadget

Smartphone security researchers have been able to hack Android devices in about 45 minutes using a $15 gadget. The remarkable thing is that these researchers have not yet been able to hack Apple’s ears using this method. The method used by these researchers is called Brutprint and it can easily question the security of Android phones.

The lock of most Android phones is hacked with this gadget!

These security researchers used ten smartphones. Among the tested phones are names like Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, Vivo X60 Pro, One 7 Pro, Oppo Reno 10S, Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, One Plus 5T, Huawei Mate 30 Pro 5G, Huawei P40, iPhone S Apple and iPhone 7 can be seen.

These phones were connected to a $15 circuit. The researchers’ attack on the phone also required a huge database of fingerprints, which was exposed a while ago. Bruteprint can perform countless attacks and finally unlock the phone by trying the closest fingerprint to the fingerprint registered by the user.

Published information shows that this type of attack can take between 40 minutes and 14 hours depending on factors such as the model of the user’s phone, the accuracy of the sensor and the number of fingerprints stored on the phone.

One of the most important victims of this test is the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, which is one of the old Android flagships. The researchers were able to unlock this model in a period of 0.73 hours to 2.9 hours. Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra also resisted attacks between 2.78 hours and 13.98 hours.

How iPhone was not hacked and how to stop this hacking method?

The only reason iPhones are not hacked is because of the encryption system that Apple uses. Meanwhile, the tested Android phones do not use any encryption system for fingerprints.

The important thing is that if your smartphone lock does not allow you to try the fingerprint after entering it a few times, it is not possible to be hacked by the announced method and you can safely use this method. Another important point is that using a fingerprint sensor has never been recognized as the most secure way to lock a phone; So, if you are protecting important information on your phone, it is better to ignore the fingerprint sensor and go for a very hard password.

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