Xiaomi’s new 3-function smart fan was introduced

04 June 1402 at 21:05

Xiaomi’s new 3-function smart fan was released to the market by this Chinese company, which began to operate with the aim of producing electronic products.

On the eve of the 618 shopping festival, Xiaomi has unveiled a series of new products, including the Mijia smart fan. In addition to dominating the smartphone market, the Chinese company Xiaomi also has a hand in the production of household appliances, including smart fans.

This fan, which was originally priced at 489 yuan, is now selling for 599 yuan after being released on store shelves.

Next, we will examine the key features and capabilities of this smart fan that combines blowing, cooling and humidification in one device.

Features of Xiaomi’s new 3-function smart fan

Xiaomi's new 3-function smart fan

The Mijia fan is equipped with a circulating water cooling system, which allows adding water and ice to achieve different cooling effects. It adopts an innovative design for the cordless water tank, which makes it easy to clean and maintain.

This fan also has an internal silver ion antibacterial module that has a high antibacterial rate of up to 99.99%. In addition, it is equipped with a super 0.4m air outlet, which provides a long air supply distance of up to 10m.

The Xiaomi Mijia smart fan, priced at 599 yuan, offers three-in-one functionality and combines the functions of blowing, cooling and humidifying the environment.

With the circulating water cooling system, users can experience adjustable cooling effects by adjusting the water and ice levels. This innovative fan is designed to create a comfortable environment and maintain the desired level of humidity.

Mijia smart fan supports four wind modes: direct wind, natural wind, sleeping wind and cold wind, which users can choose according to their preference and needs.

Xiaomi’s new 3-function smart fan works at a low noise level of up to 35.1 dB and guarantees a quiet and undisturbed environment. In addition, the fan can be connected to the Mijia app for remote control via the Xiaoai voice assistant. It offers the advantage of very convenient operation.

The introduction of the Mijia smart fan by Xiaomi shows the Chinese company’s commitment to providing creative and functional solutions for personal comfort. Xiaomi continues to push the boundaries of technology and provide products that prioritize user comfort in the field of smart home appliances.

With versatile cooling features, adjustable settings, and seamless integration with the Mijia app, this fan offers an advanced cooling and humidification experience.

The quiet performance of this fan and long-range air supply increase the appeal of this product and make it an ideal option for users who are looking to escape hot weather conditions.

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