Xiaomi’s new treadmill even fits under the sofa

03 June 1402 at 14:14

The new Xiaomi product from the Mijia brand is a smart treadmill that weighs only 40 kg and folds completely like a laptop.

Continuing its efforts to make smart and creative home appliances, Xiaomi has recently unveiled a new treadmill that, with its compact dimensions, reasonable price, and numerous features, plans to disrupt the market of home health products.

This new treadmill has a price of 270 dollars and while offering a fully folding design, it benefits from many professional features.

In the continuation of this text, we will examine the specifications of this new Xiaomi Mijia folding treadmill and its important features.

The new Xiaomi Mijia treadmill is completely folded and can be placed under the sofa!

Xiaomi's new treadmill

As mentioned, the price of this device is 270 dollars and in addition to a very flexible design, it uses extremely quiet brushless motors.

According to the available reports, the design of this product is like a fully foldable laptop and the slope of its upper part will be at least four percent.

In addition, the 640 x 480 mm belt of this device also uses a seven-layer flexible damper system and a brushless motor, which, while providing powerful performance, transfer maximum vibration and noise to the outside.

This device also supports a wide range of training and sports programs, and things like automatic speed control based on heart rate are also among its special features.

The new Xiaomi treadmill also weighs only 40 kg and its design is done in such a way that it is as compact as possible and occupies less space.

This device has a thickness of only 210 mm when folded and is ideal for homes with little space.

Despite its light weight and elegant design, the Xiaomi Mijia Smart Treadmill is capable of supporting a maximum weight of 220 kg and has excellent stability and durability.

The brushless motor used in this treadmill is also able to move the belts to a maximum speed of 15 km/s. Also, the noise level of this engine is only 65 dB, which indicates its quiet and vibration-free operation.

Xiaomi’s new product is also excellent in terms of smart features and is able to easily connect to the Mijia application, thereby allowing users to monitor daily activities, set sports and health goals, and access new features and various programs.


By introducing its new and smart treadmill from the Mijia brand, Xiaomi has once again shown off its expertise in making smart and creative home appliances.

This product, with its very attractive and compact design, silent motor and many features, is a logical option for people who are looking for exercise at home.

Also, its smart capabilities and advanced communication and connection features allow users to fully monitor their health and access new and diverse programs.

This treadmill, like other recent Mijia products, shows Xiaomi’s commitment to producing home appliances and moving towards the ultimate goal of this brand, which is a fully intelligent home.

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