Zagros pickup at an unreasonable price in the Iranian market

27 May 1402 at 13:52

The price of Zagros pickup was determined in the open market. There is a difference of about 500 million tomans between the factory price and the market price of this Zamiyad product.

Zamiad company recently released the Zagros pickup as its newest work and commercial product to the Iranian market, and now its price has been determined in the open market. This new Iranian market pickup is considered to be the Iranized version of the Daion V5, but it is weaker in terms of engine and gearbox compared to the Klot, and it should be considered a cheaper version of the Klot.

Zagros pickup price in the market

In April 1402, Zamiad company set a base price of 1 billion and 95 million tomans for the Zagros pickup, and the price of this car is 1 billion and 275 million, taking into account costs such as 9% value added tax, municipal taxes, insurance and numbering costs. Toman increased.

In this regard, this car has recently been priced at approx 1 billion and 800 million tomans It is advertised on car buying and selling sites that there is a price difference of 525 million tomans between the factory price and the open market.

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