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What is GB WhatsApp Pro? In today’s busy world, it is not strange that sometimes we have to use two SIM cards and even two users in a virtual space simultaneously. One of the programs we probably need two versions of is WhatsApp, but how can we use it with two numbers only in one phone? One of the appropriate applications for this is GB WhatsApp, but what is GB WhatsAppWhat are the benefits of WhatsApp GB? Next, we will review the features and applications of GB WhatsApp.

What is GB WhatsApp Pro?

Suppose you have an important and busy job and your WhatsApp is flooded with work and personal messages. In this case, one of the smartest possible solutions is to separate the work WhatsApp from your personal life. for this purpose, you can use “GB Use “WhatsApp”; WhatsApp GB is one of the best unofficial versions of the WhatsApp application that allows users to use multiple accounts on a mobile phone at the same time. This application has all the features of the original version of WhatsApp, and in addition, it has more features and capabilities that we will talk about in detail later.

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Is it safe to use GB WhatsApp?

At first, this vital question may occupy every user’s mind: Is it safe to use this version? Can it be used with confidence? It is good to know that GB WhatsApp uses the same servers as the original version of WhatsApp, so it can be concluded that it is as secure as WhatsApp itself and can be used safely and without any worries. However, WhatsApp has always advised users not to use a modified version of its app. Many accounts associated with GB WhatsApp were banned by WhatsApp in 2019. The ban was temporary, but users were warned that if they did not switch to the original, they would be permanently banned from WhatsApp.

Checking the features and capabilities of WhatsApp GB

As you know, the original version of WhatsApp comes with many limitations, for example, in this version, it is not possible to send files larger than 100 MB and you can only send a limited number of photos at the same time, but GB WhatsApp has gone beyond the advantages of WhatsApp. GB provides the possibility to send large files and you can even send 90 photos to your friends at the same time.

Another feature of GB WhatsApp is that the maximum size of sending a video is 50 MB (the original version is limited to 16 MB) and

the maximum size of sending an audio file is 100 MB (the original version is limited to 16 MB).

In the original version of WhatsApp, you can only send videos with a maximum size of 16 MB, but in the GB version, it is possible to send videos with a size of 50 MB. On the other hand, there is also this limit for sending audio files, and if your audio clip is more than 16 MB. You cannot send it through the original WhatsApp; Fortunately, this problem has been solved in GB WhatsApp and it is possible to send an audio file up to 100 megabytes, and the good news is that in this version you can send the photo without worrying about its quality.

What is GB WhatsApp?

Features of GB WhatsApp

In the following, we will answer the question of what GB WhatsApp is and introduce its capabilities of GB WhatsApp. One of the features of GB WhatsApp is that you can have good control over your privacy, for example, hide the last visit; There are all these features in the GB version of WhatsApp, and you don’t need to worry about such issues, this issue does not end there, and there are ways to bypass it in this program, for example:

  • You can see the last seen of people who have hidden even in the original version of Last seen.
  • Refrain from showing the time of your last visit correctly.
  • Go online, but your visit time should be a few hours ago or even the last day.
  • The message will reach you, but only one tick for the intended person.

Another feature of WhatsApp GB is that you can disable receiving calls, both audio and video, and not allow someone to call you on WhatsApp. From this model, there are many useful features in this version, for example, if someone changes their profile picture, this program will send you a notification and let you know that your contact has changed their WhatsApp picture.

What is the reason for the disconnection of WhatsApp GB?

Of course, keep in mind that using this messenger is not without problems, and we will continue to discuss the issue of “what is the problem with WhatsApp GB”. One of the problems that users mention is the interruption of this program, but what is the reason for the interruption of WhatsApp GB? Fortunately, by providing updated versions by this company, the problem of its disconnection has been resolved. Other users do not complain about its disconnection and connection. It is better to update the app before taking any action in case of disconnection. Still, if you encounter this problem, You are suggested to check your internet and then uninstall the app from your phone once and install it again.

GB WhatsApp tricks – What is the difference between status in Whatsapp and status in WhatsApp GB?

The number of characters allowed in the original version is limited to 139, but according to the feature of WhatsApp GB,  you can write up to 250 characters in the WhatsApp status. On the other hand, it is possible to save videos and photos of other people’s statuses through WhatsApp GB, it is said that this feature is in the original version. It is unavailable and you cannot save photos and videos shared through status.

What is GB WhatsApp?

Features of WhatsApp GB: What features does WhatsApp GB have?

It is common that this version of WhatsApp has more features than the original version, which is why it is popular among users. Among the features of WhatsApp GB, for example, an automatic reply is one of the features that are very useful for some users, so that you can define certain questions for the program so that if someone asks them, the program will automatically send them the answer you have already set for them. To activate this option, you can select the automatic answer option through the advanced settings. And define the desired questions and answers for the program. Hiding messages and the ability to change the theme are other features of WhatsApp GB that we will discuss later.

Hiding messages in WhatsApp GB is one of the features of WhatsApp GB

Another feature of WhatsApp GB that is not in the original version but it can be used in WhatsApp GB, which is one of the features of WhatsApp GB; It is possible to hide messages so that you hide the messages of a certain person from your main screen and transfer it to another part by encrypting it. Of course, this is possible in the original version with archiving, but encryption is not available for archived messages, and in terms of security, WhatsApp GB is superior.

The performance of WhatsApp GB

WhatsApp GB functionality – the ability to change the theme, color, and dark mode

If you use WhatsApp GB, you will have more control over the appearance and environment of the program; for example, you can use different backgrounds or even change the messenger environment to your desired color and limit it to using a single color. Don’t be the original version green, dark and light mode is also available, and you can use a dark or light theme depending on your needs.

It should be noted that the possibility of changing the theme and color in the new update of the original version of WhatsApp is also available, and from now on you can change the background color in the original WhatsApp according to your taste, even the possibility of using dark and light themes according to the time is provided. You don’t need to install an additional app just to change the theme.

GB WhatsApp tricks

Always when installing a new program, we may not be fully familiar with how to use it, and sometimes knowing the tricks can help the user to use the program better. One of the tricks of GB WhatsApp, for example (a problem reported by many users), is that sometimes they have to be online because they are too busy, and on the other hand, friends and acquaintances may notice that they are online and tell them They don’t answer, get upset. For this purpose, you can hide your online presence from contacts in any situation through the settings.

We hope to answer the question, what is the feature of WhatsApp GB? if you use this application, be sure to share your experiences with Guidition’s friends.

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