Link and Co 03++; When the Chinese get 350 horses from the 2-liter engine

May 25, 1402 at 10:58

Link & Co 03++ is Geely’s latest masterpiece with a 2-liter engine that can produce 350 horsepower thanks to advanced Chinese technology.

Believe that the account of Geely’s subsidiaries has been lost. From Zeker to Radar and Lynk & Co, they are all trying to show the world the new Chinese definition of modern cars. The crown jewel of Geely’s portfolio is the Galaxy brand, which recently unveiled two ultra-modern cars. Now among the multitude of electric and hybrid cars and while the engine 2 liters Completely obsolete, Geely went for this engine and made Geely++Lynk & Co 03. Continue with the pitch of this 350 horsepower monster we meet.

Technical specifications of Link and Ko 03++

Link and Co 03++

Take the regular Geely Lynk & Co 03, now add the looks and feel of the 03 TCR and finally throw a wild engine under the hood mated to a DCT gearbox; This is the most concise definition we can give of Link&Co 03++. Of course, all Lynk & Co products use the same signature and design, and you might confuse the 03 sedan with the 08 SUV.

The changes of the Geely ++Lynk & Co 03 sedan compared to the regular models include new bumpers and a strange and sporty spoiler, the use of which is not really known. Also, this version is equipped with four-channel exhaust and colored calipers with 6-piston brakes. 19-inch rims with 245/35 tires are also considered attractive changes of this Chinese car. Also, its dimensions include 4697 mm in length, 1843 mm in width and 1456 mm in height. These numbers look about 1cm wider and longer than regular models.

Under the hood of the Link & Co 03++, there is a bi-turbo four-cylinder engine with a volume of 2 liters (and code B4204L43), which, thanks to the new changes applied to it, can now 350 horsepower produce power. That means almost 10 horsepower more than the WTCR model and 170 horsepower more than the regular model.

In addition to this, the Geely ++Lynk & Co 03 gearbox is equipped with an 8-speed dual-clutch gearbox with a wet clutch system so that the performance of this car is exactly on its edge and conveys the most sporty feeling to the driver.

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