Placing prices in car ads in Divar, Bama and Shipur was banned again

May 25, 1402 at 09:30

Following the current disorder of the car market, the support organization announced the ban on listing prices in car ads on platforms such as Divar, Shipur and Bama.

If you remember, it was earlier in May 2019 that, with the aim of organizing the car market, it was forbidden to include prices in the online ads for car sales, and finally, after a few months, this restriction was removed. Now again, with the new shock that has entered the market, the consumer and producer protection organization has decided to repeat the same previous action and has banned the inclusion of prices in car ads on platforms such as Divar, Shipur and Bama.

Prohibition of re-inserting the price in the advertisements of car buying and selling platforms

Prohibition of listing the price in Divar, Shipour and Bama car sales information

Consumers and producers protection organization has announced in a notice about the ban on listing prices in the advertisements of car buying and selling sites. According to the announcement of this organization, from now on, instead of the exact price of the car, the “negotiated” option should be included in these sites. The reason for taking this decision again is the recent fluctuations of the country’s car market, the increase in the market price compared to the factory door price, and the creation of false markets by some profit seekers. In addition, according to the deputy head of the inspection and supervision of the services of the support organization, people’s complaints about unusual prices were another reason for the ban on listing prices.

The effectiveness of such measures in organizing the pricing of products is, as always, in an aura of uncertainty. The ban on listing car prices on platforms such as Wall and Trumpet has also passed its test in the past, and people have clearly seen that the high prices and disorder in the market are due to reasons such as widespread inflation. In any case, this decision has once again been taken by the consumer protection organization and manufacturers, and probably only users will face more challenges to find out the price of the car they want.

After the beginning of the new year, the Iranian car market became even more chaotic than before. On the one hand, the market was waiting for the announcement of the new official price of the car for some time, and on the other hand, the announcement of the prices even came with new margins. Recently, the competition council announced the price of 17 assembled cars from different companies, while in fact these cars were sold at a much higher price than the price announced by the assemblers. Even the Ministry of Samat announced its opposition to the new price of the Competition Council; But in the end, the Competition Council stated that the price of assembled cars will not change.

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