The Phoenix humanoid robot can do almost anything for you + video

27 May 1402 at 21:58

Today we want to talk about Phoenix humanoid robot in Gadget News. This robot with its advanced artificial intelligence can do all the work and become an integral part of your life.

The simultaneous development of artificial intelligence and robots can provide an exceptional opportunity to change human lifestyle. For years, various companies have been trying to develop humanoid robots so that they can take the burden off people’s shoulders. Tesla is one of these companies that, despite a lot of effort, has not been able to provide a significant product. However, Phoenix’s humanoid robot wants to push everyone away.

Phoenix humanoid robot will one day be in every home

Robots are usually made to perform specific and limited tasks, and contrary to what we see in science fiction movies, they are not very skilled in doing general tasks. However, British Columbia-based company Sanctuary Cognitive Systems has gone all out to develop robots to do people’s daily tasks. Now in the sixth generation, we see the Phoenix humanoid robot that can surprise you with its capabilities.

The company started in 2018 and is trying to bridge the world of artificial intelligence with the world of robotics. In fact, they want not only their robot to model humans physically, but also to be guided by a human-like brain. Phoenix is ​​approximately 170 cm tall and weighs 70 kg.

The Phoenix humanoid robot can move its arms up to 20 degrees to mimic human movements and agility. Phoenix can also carry up to 25 kg of cargo and move at a maximum speed of 5 km/h. The manufacturing company has designed this robot to do housework as well as shop work. That’s why he did the trial period in a store in Vancouver.

Phoenix humanoid robot

Phoenix humanoid robot was able to appear in different parts of the store and perform tasks such as picking and packing goods, labeling, folding clothes and cleaning the store during a week of trial activity. The indicated trial period was successfully completed; But the main hero should not be Phoenix, but the artificial intelligence behind it.

The artificial intelligence manufacturing company has named this robot Carbon and wants to develop it in the future in such a way that you can do the most variety of work possible. Sanctuary believes that the future of humanity is tied to these robots, and one day they will be seen everywhere like cars.

In your opinion, will humans continue to develop artificial intelligence and humanoid robots or will they stop because of the warnings of activists in this field?

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