Car Wont Start Clicking Noise – How To Fix It?

How To Fix Car Wont Start Clicking Noise

Most drivers have faced the problem of the car not starting at least once. There are many reasons for the Car Won’t Start but makes Clicking Noise. This problem is usually more apparent in the cold seasons of the year. In this article, we will examine the cause of the car not starting and find and fix the problem.

Of course, keep this point in mind, the car not starting is different from the car starting but not turning on. So don’t confuse the vehicle not starting with not starting. There may be reasons for the car not starting, which have nothing to do with the car not starting. Therefore, it is better to consider this point before reading this article.

Factors of the Car Wont Start Clicking Noise

Battery, starter, dynamo, and switch are the four causes of the car not starting, which we will discuss below:


When the car does not start, the first thing that comes to the driver’s mind is the battery. The battery is one of the consumable parts of the vehicle, and like many other parts, it has an expiration date. Usually, the battery life is two years. Of course, many things, including how the alternator works, affect the battery life.

Be careful; if the battery is damaged, the car will not start. But do not change the battery arbitrarily. First, go to the repair shop so that the repairman can check the problem and if it is from the battery, then change it.


The starter is one of the most used and crucial parts to start the car. The starter consists of various components that coordinate with each other, engage the car’s flywheel gear and report the spark advance to the computer through the crankshaft sensor. The starter motor, automatic, armature, gear, plug, bushing, and outer shell are the components of the starter. When the driver tries to start, electricity reaches the starter through the battery. The coal supplies electricity to the armature, the armature turns the gear, and the car starts. If your starter is broken, this electrification process will be disrupted. Therefore, this problem is the cause of your car not starting.

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Maybe you have a question, what does the car alternator have to do with starting the car? The alternator charges the battery. If the dynamo does not charge the battery or there is a disturbance in the charging process, the battery is discharged or empty. The empty battery is the reason for the car not starting; ironically, it is one of the most common reasons for this.

Alternator components include coal, atomizer, armature, cushion, diode, bearing, and shell. These components together charge the battery. If one of these parts does not work well, there will be a disturbance in the charging of the battery.

The switch – Car Wont Start but makes Clicking Noise

A switch is needed to start. The switch assembly consists of a switch core and several wires. The brain of the switch includes three states: closed or off, open switch, and starting. The function of the switch in the closed state is clear and no special action takes place. When the switch is open, the power reaches the back of the odometer and some parts and components of the engine. The last stage starts when the positive 12 volts from the switch only reach the automatic starter, and the car starts. If the switch, switch core, or wiring is faulty, the car will not start.

Reasons the Car Wont Start Makes Clicking Noise

As mentioned, the four leading causes of a car not starting are battery, starter, alternator, and switch. These parts complement each other; if one fails, the other parts will be damaged. But it may seem like a challenging task to diagnose the problem and find out which of these parts is the cause of the car not starting. For this reason, we will tell you some crucial points in this matter, and by reading them, you will get helpful information in this field. Car Wont Start Clicking

  1. If no sign is observed after opening the switch

Check the fuses first if you open the ignition and there are no signs behind the odometer. If you are sure that the fuses are healthy, go to the switch and the switch brain. Check the switch wiring and sockets. Only the battery option remains in the condition of a healthy wiring path and the brain of the switch. The last thing to do at this stage is the battery test. Most likely, in this case, the battery circuit is disconnected. If you don’t have access to tools for battery testing, you can momentarily connect the battery poles with a piece of wire. One of the poles must have a vital spark. Otherwise, the battery is damaged and must be replaced.

  1. If the power switch is connected, but the car does not start

If the switch is open, the power is behind the odometer screen, the power is cut off when starting, and the car does not start, the battery is likely weak. In this case, the battery must be charged or replaced if necessary. But if your car’s battery is simply weak or so-called sleeping, you can usually start your car by pushing or battery-to-battery with another car. Remember that you should not push the cars of the Iran Khodro family as much as possible. These cars have a timing belt, and if the timing belt breaks, the engine will be damaged, costing a lot.

After starting the car, the car should be on for at least an hour so that the alternator can charge the battery.

  1. If nothing happens after starting and the car does not turn on.

If nothing happens after starting and the car does not start, to find the reason why the car does not start, you must first go to the switch brain, then the wiring path of the switch to the starter, and finally check the starter itself. If the switch and wiring are OK, the starter is out of carbon, or the armature is burnt. In this situation, you can start the car by pushing.

  1. If the car starts late and turns on later than usual

When the car starts poorly and turns on late, people think that the battery is defective and try to replace the battery, but the problem is still not solved. One of the most common problems in such a situation is the failure of the bush starter. In such a case, the car starter must be repaired and its bushings replaced.

  1. If you hear a clicking noise and the Car won’t Start but makes a Clicking noise

If you hear a clicking sound while starting, go directly to the starter. Because in such cases, the automatic starter is often weak or damaged. You can use a piece of wire to test the automatic weak. Connect one end of the wire to the positive pole of the battery and the other end of the wire to the automatic socket. If the starter works well and the car turns on, it means that the automatic transmission is weak. If the problem is not too severe, this can be solved by installing a relay for automatic start. A relay is a simple piece that strengthens automatic electricity and somehow covers its weakness and dysfunction in this way. If the start wire does not work, it must be replaced automatically to fix the problem.

  1. If you hear a rattling sound when starting

The failure of the car to start can be due to the failure of the starter gear. The easiest problem that the driver realizes is the failure of the gear. If you hear a squealing sound when starting, your starter gear is broken, which is usually easily recognizable by everyone. A broken plug also creates a problem similar to a damaged gear wheel. Therefore, during the repair, you must also pay attention to the plug so that it can be replaced if it is broken.

  1. If the car suddenly turns off after a while

As mentioned, the alternator charges the battery. If the alternator is broken and does not charge the battery, the battery will be discharged. Usually, a car with a faulty alternator will last up to an hour. If you turn off the car, it won’t restart because the battery is empty. To fix this problem, repair the alternator, then charge the battery.


Car not starting happens more often in the cold season. If you see that your car does not start, do not replace any part arbitrarily, because the reason for the car not starting may not be because of that part. According to the tips, you can find the problem and have it fixed by a mechanic. We emphasize again that do not confuse the car not starting with the car not turning on because these two problems are separate, and each has its problems. Most of the parts in the car are a factor in the car not starting, but only four parts of the battery, starter, alternator, and switch are effective in the car not starting.

Car Wont Start Clicking Noise – How To Fix It?

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