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Crypto news today: Right now, Bitcoin, With a price increase of two percent, is traded at around the rate of $18,000. The weekly yield of this currency has reached a + 2.5% and shows a growth of 5% on a monthly scale.

The value of bitcoin transactions during the last day and night was 20 billion dollars, and its market value was 334 billion. Compared to the previous two days, the status of transactions Bitcoin There has been a good improvement, which shows that a group of investors entered the market on the eve of the announcement of the economic statistics of the United States.

Bitcoin’s fear and greed index shows the number 27 today and has been in the same range for a long time. In other words, the fear in the market has not yet disappeared, but its level has not increased either.

The value of Ethereum also increased.
Ethereum is also positive today. With the 2% growth of this altcoin today, its price is now around 1280 dollars. On a weekly scale, a 2.5% growth and on a monthly scale, a 4.5% growth can be seen in this altcoin.

The transaction value of Ethereum is 5 billion dollars in one day, and its market value is 157 billion dollars.

Altcoins did not follow Bitcoin.
While Bitcoin and Ethereum have been positive, other cryptocurrencies have not followed suit as usual, and their values decreased instead.

In the list of the top 50 currencies of the market, Trust Wallet Token is the most negative symbol, which has fallen by 18%, and after a long period of continuous growth, it has finally faced a sharp drop. However, the token is still showing 34% month-to-month growth, which is better than many of the major tokens in the market.

In the list of the top 50 currencies of the market, only Toon Coin and Ip Coin have a better situation than Trust Wallet Token with a growth of 44 and 41 per cent, and the rest of the symbols have had a lower yield than it.

But on a daily scale, other symbols have also fallen, all of which are less than 10%. IPcoin, with a 7% drop, and BNB, with a 5% drop, are among the most negative symbols today. The rest of the negative symbols drop by less than 3%.

In the list of positive symbols, Toon Coin has the best position, with a growth of 7%. Bitcoin SV and Bitcoin Cash are among the most profitable symbols today, with growths of 4.5 and 3.5 percent.


The market value of digital currencies has reached 852 billion dollars today, with a one percent growth compared to yesterday. The value of transactions has grown by 24% and has reached 40 billion dollars.

The value of DeFi transactions was 2 billion dollars, and the value of stablecoin transactions was 41 billion dollars.

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